Wednesday, March 2, 2011

claire bear's hair

by writing this blog, i acknowledge that i risk my daughter one day hating me. i imagine, many years from now, our little girl wanting to read all about her first few years of life. i see her reading this entry, her mouth agape, and her yelling, "you said what?!" i see me, with my 5 olympic gold medals draped around my neck, pleading for forgiveness and trying to bribe claire with a brand new solid gold flying rocket car (cuz those will exist in the future) and a unicorn (those too). she'll storm off angry, jump in our private space shuttle, and take off to our cabin on mars to cool off for a few hours. with all this in mind, i write anyways.

our little girl was born a hairy beast. she had a nice full head of hair that the nurses promptly put up into a cute little fohawk. and on the not-as-cute side, her body was covered with little patches of hair. they were light patches, but they were noticeable if you really looked. she had them on her forehead, shoulders, lower back, and ankles. everyone couldn't help but remark on all her beautiful hair. those comments have since died down. while our little girl has grown, the one thing that hasn't grown with her is her hair.

in some cases, this is a good thing. her patches on her forehead, shoulders, and ankles have completely disappeared (though the one on her lower back is still there - at least it should keep her modest when she gets older :) ). but we're a little sad that the hair on her head hasn't grown much. i love the thought of amber doing cute stuff to our little girl's hair. but you can't do pigtails on a prematurely balding baby. her hair just won't grow. well, most of it.
amber has recently discovered that a few random hairs have sprouted up. we're not sure if you can see them in the picture, but they are there. a few have suggested that we shout cut these beautiful longer hairs to even them out with the rest, but we shun the idea! be shunned idea! these hairs represent hope in a world that needs more hope. they represent potential. little hairs from all over claire's head can look to these longer hairs as examples - as a light. they can stand tall and say, "i can do this! i can grow!"

and if we were to cut those standout strands of hair, the shorter hair would be scared to grow. we don't want to scare claire bear's hair. he he. scare claire bear's hair. i think i'll end on that little rhyme. :)


  1. Cute... we have bald babies at this house. Claire bear has cute hair. :)

  2. But she's stinkin' cute with her fuzzy hair! I love that I can put Katelyn's hair in pigs, but I sometimes wish she had shorter hair so I could put bands with bows on. They just slide everywhere. I think your diagram is pretty funny too.

  3. At least, being short and fuzzy, it's dark, so you can still see it! :)