Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Growing Moments for Seth

About mid-January Seth started rolling! At least one way anyway. From his tummy to his back. :) He can still only really roll over to one side, but he's working on it. So the same day we were able to video tape him rolling, we decided to try giving him solids for the first time. Claire was super excited to be feeding him solids so we gave some rice cereal a try. He didn't do horrible, but I really don't think he was quite ready for it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Heidi's Wedding

My little sister got married! January 5th she tied the knot. :) I'm super happy for Heidi and my new brother-in-law Ammon. The weekend before we spent playing and getting in some quality time with all the family that came for the wedding. My parents came from a mission in Argentina to be there and my brother came all the way from Taiwan. Unfortunately, the kids and I were all sick most of the time, but it was still great to see everyone. We drove up to the Bountiful, Utah temple on Tuesday morning and left our kids with some older nieces and nephews in the temple waiting room. They were pretty good, with the exception of Seth who apparently cried himself to sleep. The sealing was beautiful. It's always nice to be there and hear the things said and remember our own wedding day. Afterwards, we all waited outside for pictures. It was cold, but luckily not as cold as it could be on a January day in Utah. There was a yummy luncheon and then the reception that night. We just hung out at the church all day since we couldn't exactly drive all the way home in between. The nursery was open and the toys there kept the kids pretty entertained. The reception was really nice, although their line was so long we didn't really get to see the happy couple until the very end. It was a really good day and I'm happy to welcome a new member to our big crazy family. :)