Friday, June 20, 2014

Swimming Lessons

Beginning of summer with a 3 year old (almost 4) meant we could finally put Claire in some swimming lessons! :) I was a little nervous about a few things, especially seeing them do the airplane ride with all 4 girls... but Claire did great, and she obviously loved it! She always had a huge smile on her face. I think she learned a lot too. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Daddy's Birthday

Birthdays are fun! Scott's birthday was last week and it was pretty low key, but Claire and Everett had so much fun helping me make a cake and wrap presents. We went out to eat later in the day and got pizza (Scott's favorite). Afterwards we came back home to open presents, and blow out some candles. Claire really understands the concept of birthdays now, it's pretty cute. She colored pictures for daddy and wanted to blow up some balloons and she was a big help in getting everything ready for him. :)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

bryson reunion

oh, how i love the summer. warm weather, lots of family time, and, of course, a break from school. the joy of summer officially began with a fun bryson reunion in colorado. my eldest niece was graduating from high school, so we decided everyone should gather for the celebration. we tried something new and rented a nice big suv for the drive, which meant lots more room and we were even able to get my sister becca to ride with us. the drive went well (with the one exception of our two-hour detour when we tried a new route and ended up on a dirt road staring at a dead end) and we were at my sister's house late that evening. the kids had a blast playing with everyone as more family continued to roll in over the next couple days.

on saturday we all went to the local football stadium to see my niece's graduation. everett loved walking up and down the steps of the stadium, which meant i didn't get to see much of the event, but congratulations tori!

the next few days were full of fun family time. we even got the chance to head up to denver to see amber's sister, maelyn. it was such a blast. i loved that both claire and everett really opened up and bonded with everyone, especially grandma and grandpa. thank you hank and kim for putting us all up for the week and making this happen.

it was a great start to the summer and we hope the next few months are equally as fun. oh, and we saw this awesome complete rainbow. it was actually a double rainbow, but amber's lens wasn't quite wide enough to capture it all. still cool. :)