Friday, December 25, 2015


Christmas Eve was a quiet one for us this year. Scott had to work, so the kids and I decided to make sugar cookies and decorate them. The kids enjoyed the activity and it kept us busy for the evening. We left a plate of the cookies and a cup of milk (which I put back in the fridge) for daddy or "Santa". Scott got home around 2am from work and got to work being Santa. He ate the cookies and put presents out before going to bed. :)

Christmas morning started early. Scott didn't get any sleep and we were both awake before kids so we were doing the "cough-cough" at their door, trying to wake them up. Once they woke up we brought them into our room first and we read the Christmas story with them and used our Little People nativity scene to act it out. Afterwards, we dug into our stockings, then went out to the front room and opened the rest of our presents. Claire wanted a pink shopping cart and had asked for one and so Everett, wanting to be just like her asked for a green shopping cart. We found this miniature shopping cart to put in his stocking, it was so cute. :)

After opening presents we had breakfast, put things together and Scott tried to get a couple hours of sleep before heading to work again. It wasn't the greatest Christmas, but it was still special.

4 Month Seth

1. Seth is 4 months old!

2. At 4 months, Seth weighed 16 pounds 5 ounces and was 25 inches long.

3. He's in the 72nd percentile for weight and the 48th percentile for height.

4. Seth still sleeps pretty well, he's pretty good at getting 3 naps during the day anyway. He goes to bed pretty well around 8pm, but he still wakes up every 3 hours to eat. Sometimes I can postpone feeding him by cuddling with him in bed. :)

5. Seth is super loud sometimes. He doesn't exactly cry, not at first anyway. He mostly squawks and screams when he's not happy. He's equally loud when he's happy. He laughs and squeals and I love hearing him try to talk to us. 

6. I'm afraid he's still pretty gassy, but it seems like only at night. I always hear him grunting and tooting. :)

7. So I'd say his spitting up is somewhere in-between Claire and Everett. He spits up more than Everett did, but less than Claire did. It's his peak spitting up time period anyway, so it seems like a lot more right now. He also likes to spit a lot and he drools a ton. Always a mess, but so cute. :)

8. I love, love, love watching Seth interact with Claire and Everett. Claire is a huge help and loves to take care of Seth in any way she can. She'll sing to him and talk to him. And he will laugh and smile right back at her. Everett likes to make silly faces at him sometimes and he'll smile back at him too. It's so cute watching them all when they're all happy. :)

9. Seth is a super smiley baby. I love how full of smiles he is. Even when he's not happy, I can usually somehow get a smile out of him. :)

10. He really is such a good and chill baby. At the ward Christmas party, I let the stake president hold him while I ate, and Seth just sat with him, calm and content, looking around. The stake president asked if he was always so relaxed. :) I think he generally is an easy going baby. He does get vocal when he wants something, but usually doesn't everyone? :)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Graham Cracker Houses

It's so fun when you're kids start remembering things you've done in years past and want to do them again. Claire remembered making graham cracker houses last Christmas and kept asking us when we would do them this Christmas. We planned them for an evening Scott had off and had some fun trying to keep them from falling apart. Everett's house totally fell apart before he even finished. Luckily, neither of them minded. They were happy just eating the pieces anyway. :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Kindergarten Christmas Program

Mid-December Claire had her first Kindergarten program. It was kind of a big thing for us being our first school program. She was excited about it and we wanted to do the whole proud parent thing and video tape it all and and make her feel so special. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned. Scott had to work and missed it. I brought both boys and set up my camera thinking I could video tape the whole thing for him. I arrived early, and not wanting my camera to be in everyone's face, I set up my tripod more in the middle of the audience - in the aisle, positioned on the small stage. Once the kids came in though and sat down on the steps, I quickly realized my set up would not work at all. The first row of the audience was too close to the front row of the kids and the front row was standing on the ground, not on the steps like I thought. Claire was in the front row, so I couldn't see her at all! :(
I then made the mistake of running up front (to at least get a picture of her with her tree) and leaving Everett behind. I learned my lesson. Everett was not in a familiar setting so I don't blame him too much for getting upset when I left him with Seth only a split second. However, it was not great timing for a melt down from my three year old. I headed back to my seat with my camera, trying to plan what I was going to do about my set up (cuz it obviously wasn't going to work). Before we even reached our seats, Everett decided to throw a full blown three-year-old very loud temper tantrum. The teacher was opening up the program with some speech and I'm pretty sure no one heard it over Everett's screaming. I was so embarrassed and tried to shush him, and he seemed to just get louder. I tried bringing him to the back of the gym (which carried the sound of his screaming even more, making it, in my mind, the loudest thing ever).

Claire and her class started singing while I was in the back trying to calm Everett and Seth was left abandoned sitting in his car seat back at our chairs. I'm grateful he didn't start crying too. Everything was just not going as planned. I wanted to cry.
Everett started calming down a little though and I was able to put him down and get Seth. I brought Seth to the back where we were, then got my camera back out and tried getting some video of Claire. Her favorite song was the "Happiest Christmas Tree" one and I really wanted to at least record that one. The video is horribly wobbly, you can barely see Claire in the front left side, and you can still hear some of Everett's whimpers but I got a little of it recorded for Daddy and for memory sake. :p Later on, I got a slightly better view of Claire because I was holding my camera as high as I could over my head and I was on my tippy toes. I probably was a funny sight, but I had already been embarrassed enough, I didn't care at that point. :)
Claire sang so well though. She knew all the songs and loved performing in front of all the moms and dads. She wasn't nervous at all- she's our little performer. :)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

the polar express

so i love the idea of riding the train. it would be a dream come true (a little one at least) to take one of those cross-country trips like this one... that just sounds like so much fun (but we would definitely need to splurge for a sleep car because i ain't sleeping in my seat for a week). we went and did the royal gorge train ride in canon city, colorado a few years back and it was so much fun. we ride the frontrunner every chance that i can make it seem sensible to do so. and the heber valley railroad (i.e. the heber creeper) has always been something i've wanted to do. they seem to always be doing something fun and unique, from a valentine's romantic ride to an easter egg ride to a halloween murder mystery game. well, we finally decided to give it a go and got some tickets for the polar express. we even splurged for the first class tickets. :)

before we left the house, we decided to open one early Christmas present for the kids - their Christmas pajamas. we got dressed nice and snugly, made the drive over to heber, then waited in line to board the train. it was cold! but we finally boarded and got warmed up pretty quickly. they had elves walking up and down the aisles playing games, dancing, and singing carols. mrs. clause came by with cookies and hot chocolate. and finally santa came and gave us all silver bells and some cute mugs. well it wasn't everything i hoped for, but it was a great memory to make with the kids. definitely worth doing at least once.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Temple Square Lights

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to Temple Square to see the lights. Aunt Becca met up with us there. It was cold and crowded, but also beautiful and fun to be together. I love having our cool wagon. Claire and Everett were both able to cuddle up in it with blankets and it was so funny seeing people's expressions when we passed by. They either thought it was funny, cute or smart, not exactly sure what but they all were smiles. :)

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Our Thanksgiving was pretty low key. Scott played some football that morning and we met up with him at his brother's house. Scott only had a couple hours with us all before he had to go to work, missing Thanksgiving dinner. We were sad to see him go, but we are grateful for all his hard work. Aunt Becca put together a fun craft for the kids. They loved making their colorful turkeys, and their cousin Tasha helped them make some candy turkeys as well. We ate a wonderful dinner and kids had lots of fun playing with their cousins. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

7 Years and Family Pictures

For our 7th wedding anniversary we dropped off the kids with family and went for a drive down memory lane. We couldn't do much, with it being Sunday, but we ended at the sports park in Spanish Fork. We had a little picnic and went for a walk on the path. It was so beautiful we decided we needed to come back the next weekend for family pictures. :)

Pictures went pretty well this year. We picked a pretty nice day, it wasn't freezing like last year. :) We brought along Bounce (Everett's monkey friend) and he was definitely the right prop to bring some smiles. I took pictures of Everett first and started with Claire before quickly realizing she needed to go potty. We ran over to the bathrooms only to find out they were already closed for the winter. Not wanting an accident in her clean, new clothes or wanting to cut our pictures short we talked her into peeing on a tree, out in nature style. She agreed and it was a success. No accidents, and we were able to finish pictures. It was pretty funny though. :) Sherry was able to come and take a few family pictures of all of us. I had tried to set up the camera on a tripod to take some of just Scott and I but it wasn't working too well, so I was grateful for the help. I love how they turned out this year! :)