Saturday, July 19, 2014

FHE to the Grotto

We've been wanting to take our kids on a hike for a while now, but we also worried we'd end up having to carry them the whole time. We decided to try a short hike for Family Home Evening up in Payson Canyon, to the Grotto.  It was the perfect first hike for our little ones. It was short and easy, lots of pretty trees and plants. They saw rocks and bugs and a waterfall. It was fun. I don't think they loved the waterfall at the end or taking their shoes off and getting their feet wet (I think the water was cold and rocks were rough on their feet), but they loved walking across the bridges!

After our hike we got some ice cream at Maceys, and decided to eat it at the splash pad. Our kids were already plenty dirty from the hike and then eating their ice cream so they got to play in the water and get a little wet as well. We had such a fun evening. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Weekend of Freedom

Our 4th of July celebrations were scattered throughout the whole weekend. Thursday morning we decided to check out the local balloon festival. We woke up the kids super early and made our way over to the festival as soon as Scott got home from work. For a while it was fun and exciting as they started blowing up the balloons. However, we weren't sure what was going on when they deflated a bunch right after blowing them up. We only saw one balloon go up into the sky before we decided it was taking too long and headed back home so Scott could get some sleep. It was a fun beginning to our weekend though.

On the 4th, we headed down to visit family in the afternoon. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins on their inflated water slide bouncy house. We had popsicles and a nice dinner, but Scott had to work that evening so we headed home before fireworks.

Saturday we went to the Riverwoods and had some family fun. We got dinner at Bajio's and played some arcade games at the Provo Beach Resort. The kids each got to pick out a little toy with the tickets we won from our games. Claire chose a princess crown and Everett got a little flyer plane (which was broken by the time we got home).

We got home and tried to wait until it got a little darker, but not wanting the kids to be up super late, we started our little show early. We let them throw the poppers for a while first and then, after talking a little bit about safety with the sparklers, we let them each hold one. They enjoyed those until they both ended up getting small burns. :(

Their burns weren't really that bad, but band aids are always reassuring to kids. So once they got patched up they were up for more playing... only without the sparklers. They decided blowing bubbles was more fun.

After this, we got pajamas on the kids and then decided it was dark enough to try our one little fountain firework. Everett screamed a little when it started popping, but he was okay after a little reassurance. It was a fun weekend. We love our country. :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

mommy's birthday

my beautiful wife had a birthday the other day. i wish i could say that i had planned something spectacular for her, but we had a fun day despite my lack of grand plans. opposed to what i normally do, this year i started off by giving amber her big gift first - a new lens. i wish i could have bought it and wrapped it up nice and pretty for her, but there are so many lenses that amber wants that for her birthday i just told her she could pick out whatever lens she wanted (within a certain price range of course) and we'd get it for her. after much internal debate, she decided on one and we set out to get it. we found a store up in salt lake that had it in stock, so we decided to have a fun day up in salt lake. after buying her lens, we met up with my sister at the city creek mall and had some lunch. after lunch we walked around the mall (which had this fun little wicked display) and temple square.

after playing in salt lake, we headed home for dinner, then some chocolate mousse pie and a couple more presents (a flat iron and a fun ip camera so we can spy on our kids when they're supposed to be sleeping - we love it :) ). not the grandest of days, but an extremely fun one anyways. we are so thankful for this wonderful woman in our lives and all she does. we love you amber!