Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Everett's First Solids

When Everett was just barely 5 months old we fed him some solids for the first time. This was his reaction...

It really didn't go so well. :) We kept trying though and we pretty much got the same reaction up until a few days ago. Now he does this...

 I think he likes it! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a pretty busy, but very fun Valentine's Day this year. Scott and I actually went out to eat the night before because it's tough to get babysitters on Valentines, plus we hate the huge lines the special day creates at the restaurants. Of course Valentines morning Claire and I were spoiled with some roses (I had told Scott that I didn't want flowers, but he found a loophole and got us girls one flower each) and a candy bouquet. He also got Claire a little stuffed red monkey, which she was excited about. Scott also made me breakfast before he headed to bed, having worked the night before, it was wonderful. :)

Claire and I were invited to a little Valentine's Day play date. We did this last year and it was so fun, we decided to do it again! So earlier that day we got together with some of our old singles ward friends and their little girls and had lunch and exchanged valentines. The girls had their own little table. :)

They had fun playing dress up and Claire loved the little crown. We had just put together her little elephant mailbox that morning, she was pretty excited about it.

I put her valentines together the night before. I got the idea off of pinterest and the free printable from here. Claire loved handing them out to her friends. Everett was the only boy there with 6 little girls and 4 moms. I don't think he minded... he was happily blowing bubbles while they passed out their valentines.

Here are all the girls minus the 4 month old. It's hard getting 5 toddlers to sit still and smile long enough for a good picture! :)

We both had so much fun and headed home afterwards for naps. I had a few things to get together for Scott's valentine and then we started making pizzas. These aren't the best pictures, but they were delicious. :)

Claire ended the night a little hyped up on sugar I think, but happy and dancing away (something she LOVES to do). Our little valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day!