Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Just a Little Announcement...

I set up this photo shoot to make a little announcement. I wasn't sure how clear it was, but I got some cute photos. :) 

Everett will become a big brother this August. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015


in all my years, through all the dumb stuff i've done and all the full-contact sports i've played, i have never had to get stitches. i've broken a few bones, been thrown through a couple tables with barbed-wire on them, fallen off a bridge or two, had a couple concussions, and there was that one time in high school football practice that i got my chin cracked open and was told to get stitches, but stubbornly didn't go. yeah, my pride has gotten the best of me a time or two. but a pregnant wife trumps pride.

i was playing in a uvu flag football game. we were on defense and it was 4th and goal. the quarterback rolled my way so i rushed him. i went low to pull his flags, so when his arm came forward making the pass, his elbow connected squarely with my forehead. the qb started to complain that it was roughing the passer (it wasn't! i went low and his arm came into me!), which i started to argue with. he turned to argue back with me, but then the blood started pouring. i ran over to the sideline to find something to bandage it up. all the refs, players, and fans came over to gawk and help bandage me up. i hated it. the ref gave me a concussion test and everyone was advising me to go to the hospital to get it checked out, which i refused to do. they finally got me bandaged up and we were able to keep playing, which we won. i headed home to clean it up, but when my pregnant wife tearfully said that i needed to go to the urgent care center, there was no arguing with her. :)

as much as i hated everyone crowded around me at the field, i hated it more at the urgent care center. the first thing the doctor said was that if i wanted some nice, neat stitches, i probably should go to the er. he said he could do it, but it'd probably leave a bigger scar, which was the first good news i heard during the whole process. well, five stitches later, i was patched up. the stitches meant i had to miss my tackle game on saturday because my helmet would have torn my stitches right out. but they were out a week later and i will have a cool scar to remember the experience by. a cool harry potter scar. i am the boy who lived.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Valentine's Day

Back in February we went to a Valentine's Day party with friends. It's become an annual sort of thing with our little group of friends. It was a lot warmer this year so we had our party outside. It was full of fun, we passed out Valentine's, played some games (the kids learned a new game- red rover), celebrated a birthday, and decorated heart cookies. :)