Tuesday, May 12, 2009

optimus sleeping bag

it all began with a crazy idea.
the thinkers and thinkees sat outside enjoying another beautiful evening and said to one another, "hey, let's go camping this weekend!" all schedules and calenders were checked. our people called their people. we facebooked about it. it was made an official activity. preparations were made (we bought these awesome sleeping bags that totally zip together and transforms to make one super sleeping bag - cool - thanks kyle) and that friday we and some friends were on our way. we went to a small piece of land up hobble creek canyon owned by a friend. we initially weren't quite sure if we were in the right place and feared getting shot for trespassing, so jake and i hid in the car and bravely sent our wives to scout out the land. once we were reassured it was the right place, we set up our tents and cassidy earned her fire making merit badge and got the blaze going. smores (with a slight twist thanks to jake's world famous recipe) and other fatty snacks were roasted. i got burnt by a starburst - can't say i ever thought i'd say that. :( well it got pretty cold pretty quickly that night, and while we entertained ourselves with games for a little while, the temperature got the best of us and we hurried off to our tents. it was fun climbing into a sleeping bag together. being married rules! :) no worries - the story isn't turning "r" from here - it was way too cold for any hankey pankey. but the cold also meant we didn't sleep too well, which was the only drawback of the trip. we arose the next morning and were happily warmed by the glorious rising sun. we enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by jake. our wonderful chef was even clever enough to serve the breakfast promptly at noon so we were warm enough to enjoy it. ;)
well long story made short - we went camping. we maybe jumped the gun a little early as we would have liked it to be a little warmer, but it was a lot of fun anyways. thanks jake, katie, jordan, cassidy, and, of course, my beautiful wife amber. why are your feet always so cold? :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

beowulf - anonymous

i desired something exciting - something to get the blood pumping and maybe crumple a few pages with my clenched, white knuckles. i scanned over our library and chose the book beowulf. all i knew about the story was they had recently made a movie about it with angelina jolie in it. i saw the previews. they seemed exciting enough. well, the book wasn't entirely what i hoped for. i'm a little curious how they turned it into a movie. the book much reminded me of the iliad, both in language and in content. the hero beowulf seemed to me to be a christian achilles. it had it's moments of excitement, but far too much dialogue boasting of the greatness of beowulf and of the riches and treasures he had won because of his strength. i once wrote an english paper in college asking what a hero is. i concluded that the definition of a hero is ever-changing. what a hero is is a defender of the values of the day, but our values as a society changes throughout time. from achilles and his pride to robin hood and his morals to our modern day heroes such as superman and his compassion, whatever a hero fights for is what the society at the time desires and values. so i found it interesting to learn what the time of beowulf found to be important. strength, pride, riches, and realizing one owes God for all that is good. so anyways, amber just reminded me that this isn't supposed to be a book report, just a summary. sorry for boring you guys. :) not my favorite read, but a short one and an important work in the history of literature.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wuthering Heights

Yesterday I finally finished Wuthering Heights. It was not what I expected. I was expecting a nice romantic love story kind of like Pride and Prejudice or something. This book was so depressing and sad. I kept waiting for things to get better and hopefully there would be a happy ending. I wanted the main character of the story to somehow become the hero and not just the villain, but he was pretty evil all the way up til the end. He pretty much ruins the lives of everyone he knows, he has no real friends, and the love of his life died from an illness brought on by his craziness. He wants her to haunt him the rest of his life and in the ending when he dies he joins her and they haunt the moors together forever after. Weird story. However, I can't say I didn't enjoy reading it. It kept me intrigued and wanting to know what happens next! :)