Sunday, July 29, 2012


For Christmas this last year, Scott had bought me tickets to see the musical Wicked which was coming to Salt Lake. I was super excited, but unfortunately the play was a long 7 months away, which seemed like forever at the time. Fortunately the past few months have felt like they have flown by and we finally got to use our tickets a couple weeks ago. :) Our usual babysitters (my parents) were actually going to the play with us, and because the play was going to go so late, it took some effort to find some babysitters. We finally worked it out, dropped off Claire with some of her cousins, and we headed up to Salt Lake. We began the evening with a nice dinner up in Salt Lake, then decided to ride the tram to the theater. That provided us with a little bit of adventure as we weren't totally sure which was the right tram. So we jumped onto one that looked like a good possibility. We lucked out and it was the right one. :)

We made it to the Capitol Theatre right on time. :)

We met up with my parents at the theater. In addition to their own little date, they were also celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Here is the view of the stage from our seats.

We were in the highest section there was, and it was incredibly warm in the theater. My feet were swelling big time, but it was all worth it. The play was wonderful! I've seen it once before, and it was just as good the second time. Scott saw it for the first time and loved it as well. It was a wonderful date. :)

memory made

in the hope that it will help us remember those little moments in parenthood that make us smile, we want to start recording these memories here on our blog. they won't be the grandest of events and the blogs may not have any pictures to go with them, but we hope they will always bring a smile to our face.

claire is taking her bath and playing with her stackable cups. she gets a little frustrated when the green cup doesn't fit in the blue one. her mom tells her "that one goes on the bottom", so claire proceeds to take the green cup and place it on her cute little bare bum. i love her bunches. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Balloon Fest

Our 4th of July activities this year were limited because of work and sickness, but we did manage to go to the annual balloon fest in Provo on Tuesday. We woke up early and got there around 6:30am, just in time to see the last of the balloons fill up and take off.

Before getting there we grabbed some donuts for breakfast. Claire was a little tired at first but quickly got into it and watched the balloons in awe.

We had a lot of fun watching the hot air balloons fly above us. I didn't realize until this year that they have no control of what direction they go just how high and how low they go. 

On the 4th, we did visit family for a little bit and went to a barbeque at a neighbors house for a little while, but then Claire got a little sick and we ended up taking care of her that night instead of going out to see or do any fireworks. Since she was still awake late that night we took her outside to the front yard to see if we could see any fireworks. We saw a few far away ones and Claire seemed only mildly interested in them, but then some fireworks were shot pretty much right above us from a house nearby and her face completely changed to a sad, scared, whimper. She obviously did not like them this year. Maybe next year... :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I had a birthday too

Last week we celebrated my birthday. Being over 30 weeks pregnant has definitely made me feel old this year. I can't quite move around like I used to and my body feels old and tired. I'm definitely excited about getting back in shape after I have this baby and getting some energy back! :)

On my birthday I woke up to these lovely decorations...

You'll have to watch The Office episode about Kelly's birthday party to understand why this was actually pretty funny to wake up to. It made me laugh. :)

Scott took me out to IHOP for breakfast, which was delicious. I had a nice relaxing day with Claire and then that night we went out to Los Hermanos for dinner. I love going out to eat... it's so much easier than cooking ourselves and it's so yummy. :) We had some ice cream cake later that night. Claire blew out all my candles the first time so we had to light them twice. She then helped me the second time too. She must be practicing for her birthday coming up soon. :)

After eating our cake, I got to open my present. This was actually my second present. My first present was made for me the day before. I'm so so excited to use it more! We got some PVC pipes and some wood flooring tiles from Lowe's and Scott put together this backdrop holder and wood floordrop for me so I can take more pictures inside! I just need to pick out some more backdrops for it. :) We saved like $200 making these ourselves. So cool. :)

My second present Claire had fun helping me open. I got a backpack for my camera and lenses. It'll make carrying my camera around a lot nicer. :) So fun. Thank you Scott for such a fun birthday! :)