Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May C's

Yep, I'm still doing this. Can you believe I've kept it up this long? I can't. :) May hasn't been too difficult. First, for my create I put aside the curtain fiasco for a little bit and made a skirt for myself. :) I feel pretty good about this one cuz I didn't use a pattern for it and I think it turned out nice. It's just a tad too big, but nothing a little safety pin wouldn't fix. :) I took a skirt from my closet that I've always liked and pretty much traced it and put this one together. And then I went back to the curtains... There is a picture of them finished and they turned out okay but I'm just glad to be done with them at the moment. :)

For my Cooking goal I decided to make asparagus. Scott hadn't ever had any and I have only had it maybe once before that I remember. I found a recipe that said to try grilling it, so we used our george foreman and grilled it. I actually really liked it. :)

For Capture I posted on my photoblog pictures I took for my brother's prom, tulip festival pictures for the may flower challenge on I Heart Faces, and Claire's 9 month photos. I also took some pictures of my coworker's baby but I haven't edited or posted them yet. It's been a busy month! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Only a few days after her 9 month checkup Claire started to drool more and not sleep as well... and we've discovered the culprit. Her once toothless grins are being replaced with some pearly whites. :)

Also, remember how I said she had taken a falling step once but we weren't counting it? Well, I've changed my mind. I'm counting it as her first step because she is quickly learning to take more and more. :) (hope the video works, it was being a booger to load!)

I can't believe how fast she's learning and growing! She's becoming more and more of a little girl and less of a baby. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fun at the Zoo

Since Scott has spring semester off of school we decided to have some of our summer fun a little early. So we packed up Claire and headed to the zoo in Salt Lake City. She won't ever remember this zoo trip, but we sure will! We had a lot of fun seeing all the animals ourselves and trying to point them out to Claire. :)

Most of the time Claire was more interested in the other kids looking at the animals than at the animals themselves. That Rhino was so close, only a few feet away with just some glass in between, but Claire is actually looking at a little girl a little below her. :)

We saw some of mommy's favorites... the elephants and giraffes!! I realized seeing them up close, how weird and funny looking my favorites are, but I still like them. :)

We saw the tigers...they were all taking naps when we saw them, so they weren't as exciting...but the sign made us laugh. :)

Claire kept wanting to get down and walk around, but as soon as we put her down to walk, she usually finds something to look at and she'll sit in the middle of the road. We saw these ducks with the baby ducks following and she wanted to walk closer to them. I had to actually hold her back because the big ducks were hissing at us. :)

I think our favorite part was seeing the monkeys. They were the most interactive. The one monkey came right up to the window and looked at Claire! I don't know if she even noticed it looking at her though, she was staring at the kid next to us. :)

And of course we had to do the whole comparison pictures... Claire's pretty close to the actual monkey size, don't you think? :)

It was a fun trip overall. Can't wait to do it again when she's a bit older! :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Quarters of a Year Already?!

Ready for some more fun facts about Emily Claire?

1. She's 9 months old now! That's three quarters of a year old. That's as long as I was pregnant with her. We have now known her longer out of my tummy than in! :)

2. She weighs 16 lbs 10.5 ounces and is now 27 and a quarter inches tall. Not a whole lot different from last time but still growing slow and steady.

3. She's in the 25th percentile for weight and 5oth percentile for height. My guess is that she'll be tall and skinny... or taller than me anyway. :)

4. Claire is crawling and cruising everywhere. She's even taken a few falling steps towards us... I don't know if we can really count them as her first steps though. :)

5. She'll give us kisses if she's in a good mood. Open mouthed and wet, but so cute!

6. She's also waving goodbye now. She's been waving her little arm occasionally for a little while, but just recently she does it when we are saying goodbye to anyone or when we are putting her to bed.

7. She loves solid food as long as it's something mommy and daddy are eating. She wants anything off of our plates. She doesn't like the gerber foods very much unless it's the finger food snacks. I wonder if it's a texture thing that she got from me... :)

8. She likes to blow on her food. I think she's seen me blow on some things I've given her to cool them off and now she thinks she should do it to everything she eats. She'll even blow on me occasionally when I'm nursing her, it's kinda funny. :)

9. She sleeps really well now. From about 8pm to 7am. She'll usually only wake up once during the night and if I can't get her to fall back to sleep right away she usually gets to come to bed with mommy and daddy. I don't mind at all, cuz she sleeps so much better with us, but Scott has gotten kicked off by her a few times... she just likes her space. :)

10. She's usually super happy. She loves to be around people, loves to be outside, loves her baths and loves swimming. She is still a momma's girl and doesn't like to be too far from me, but she still has fun with others and loves to play with friends and family. She's such a joy to us and growing so quickly. Before we know it she'll be a whole year old! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

tulips galore!

the weather was finally warm. after two weeks of wanting so badly to go, but being hampered by snow and plain bitter cold, we finally made our way to the tulip festival at thanksgiving point.

of course anytime we head up north for anything, we have to stop at fazoli's for some food. we really like fazoli's, and we sure do love those bread sticks. unfortunately they closed the only one here in provo, so we sadly only get some fazoli's when our travels take us up near salt lake. it was a good lunch before heading off to the gardens.

claire loved all the flowers. well she always loves being outside. we are definitely excited for the summer so we can spend some more time out in the sun.

thanksgiving point will always hold a special place in our hearts. we first visited the gardens on the day i proposed to amber (it was a major step in "operation: woo amber"), so when we get the chance, we love to go back for a stroll among the beautiful flowers. an extra bonus for us is that tulips were amber's bouquet at our wedding, so it made it even more special that the gardens were featuring a quarter of a million tulips for the festival. good times.

Monday, May 2, 2011

April C's

I'm going to keep this month short. I did everything, but we also kept busy this month playing and doing things. Claire's also learning all sorts of new things so I've kept pretty busy with her too, which doesn't leave a lot of time for projects. :)

Cook: I've always loved quesadillas when we go out to eat, but when we'd make them at home they would usually consist of just cheese. Boring. I found a recipe for these Chicken Ranch Quesadillas though, and they were delicious. :)

Create: I've been wanting to make curtains for Claire's room for a long time (we had been using a blanket to keep her room nice and dark for naps). I figured curtains would be fairly easy to do... and they were pretty easy, I finished them with black out lining and everything. Only problem was when I hung them up they somehow turned out to be too small! :( I must of measured horribly wrong or something cuz they are just not wide or long enough. I'm still counting them as my finished project for April but I do plan on fixing them... Just need to figure out how... :)

Capture: Scott's brother and wife came down to visit for the weekend and let me take pictures of them. We went to this old, run down pallet factory site for a more urban look. It was tons of fun and I really did learn a lot from doing these. Take a look at the rest on my photoblog.