Sunday, March 27, 2016


Here I am playing catch up on the blog again. :) We had a nice Easter. I decided this year I wanted to make Claire's Easter dress. I've never really been a fan of poofy dresses (even though Claire loves them!) so I found a couple dresses she already had and a picture of one at Old Navy that I liked and, with a lot of my sister Lia's help, put a pattern together for a similar dress. I found this really pretty blue cotton fabric that has a little threaded pattern on it, and bought enough for her dress and a skirt for me to match! I got to work and finished them both I think within a week. I like how they both turned out, definitely not perfect, but she's wanted to wear hers every Sunday since, so she must like it. :) We got the boys all matching ties as well. We got dressed and headed to church. After church we headed to a nearby park to take a few pictures. :)
We got home and Claire let me take a few extra pictures of her dress. :)

We spent the rest of the day together at home. We made a delicious dinner and had a yummy dessert. And then that evening we decided to dye some eggs. Dyeing eggs is messy business. We put down some paper thinking it would keep our table clean from the mess, however it just went right through and now we have a rainbow colored stain on our table. If it wasn't a free hand me down table we've had since we got married I would be a little sad about that, but it's fine. :) The kids had fun and we made some memories. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016


We love spring time! Mostly because it means it's getting warmer and we can go for walks outside, visit parks, fly kites, blow bubbles and just enjoy some sunshine!