Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby Bump and Pictures

I'm finally beginning to look pregnant, I think... We haven't been very consistent in taking these photos but here are a few shots... don't mind my goofy expressions, I never know how I should pose for these things. :) I'm also feeling our baby girl moving and kicking more and more, it's so much fun!

I would much rather be behind the camera...which was what I got to do last weekend! I've always loved photography and working at a photo lab I see a lot of pictures going through. I love pictures of people. I'd love to be a portrait photographer. Only problem is the equipment is expensive, it can be very subjective (I think that's the right term) and I tend to get a little shy around people I don't know well so it's difficult making people feel comfortable around me in order to take their picture. But it's still a hobby and something I enjoy learning about, so for this last Christmas Scott bought me a digital SLR camera. I love it. The pictures turn out so much better than my point and shoot. I'm kind of a wimp to the cold so I hadn't gone outside to take pictures until just last week. My 4 month old nephew and little sister were sweet enough to let me practice on them. These are a few of my favorites. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Moab Trip

So this last weekend, to celebrate Easter, we decided to go down to Moab with family to enjoy the nice weather and go on a couple easy hikes...
We woke up nice and early, putting on shorts and t-shirts, excited about some nice warm weather. However after looking out the window and seeing the snow falling with force, we changed into some warmer clothes, bringing our shorts along to hopefully change into once we got to warmer weather down in Moab. We met up with family in Spanish Fork and all 19 of us (9 adults, and 10 children), left sometime before 7am. The snow kept falling and we found ourselves driving through a blizzard as we made our way through the canyon. Scary moment occurred when our car started sliding one way and then the other and we found ourselves doing a complete 180 turn on the highway. I know the Lord must have been watching over us though because thankfully there were no cars coming the opposite direction. We slid and came to a stop on the opposite side where we easily were able to drive out, turn around again and keep going. We made it out of the canyon just as the sun came out and the snow stopped falling. We made it to the Arches National Park around 10 or so, and spent a few hours walking and seeing the amazing arches. Scott and I had both never been there before and I'd actually like to go again sometime when I'm not pregnant and I'm more in shape. :) I don't remember all the names of the arches we did see and it was a bit colder and windier than we expected (so those shorts we packed never left the car... sad), but overall we had a great time. It was fun spending time with family and I really enjoyed getting out and getting some exercise (which I've been slacking on since getting pregnant). We had a fun picnic in the park before separating. Half of our group continued the drive down to Texas to see more family, while the rest of us had to head back home. We made it home safe and sound, although I have to admit I was completely wiped out. I had no trouble sleeping that night. :) Here are a few pics from the trip...(minus the whole blizzard part, which we're trying to forget).