Friday, December 16, 2016

FHE in the Snow

It snowed pretty well on a Monday and the kids wanted to go play in it, so we had an early dinner and decided to make that our Family Home Evening activity. We have a very small hill in the backyard which was just perfect for sledding down a few times with our little ones. Seth even loved it. :) We had a little snow ball fight and daddy and the kids built a snowman. We had a little cat friend following us around as well. It was a great activity. :) 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend

So this was a fun holiday for us. This was the first Thanksgiving we've had since getting married that Scott did not have to get to sleep before working that night or hurrying off to work like last year. He played football in the morning and then together we all headed down to Spanish Fork for a yummy dinner with Scott's family. I didn't get many pictures, but kids really enjoyed spending time with cousins. After dinner, we headed back to our place where we invited all my family for dessert. It was a pretty good turn out and we enjoyed eating lots of pie and playing games. :)

April's family was able to join us for the weekend.  Scott took the 4 older kids to go see the new Disney movie on Friday and that evening we bundled them all up as best we could and went to see the light parade down in Spanish Fork. I think the kids liked it, but it was FREEZING. We warmed up afterwards with warm cookies and hot chocolate. :)

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Halloween was on a Monday this year so we ended up painting and carving pumpkins the Sunday before. Seth was pretty intrigued with the insides of the pumpkin and since the pumpkins were kind of a ball shape, he kept trying to pick them up even though they were a bit too heavy. He was not as interested in the painting of them though. :) Claire and Everett enjoy that tradition though. Claire more and more so. We had a fun night of it. 

On Monday, Claire had a costume parade in the morning that we got to go watch. It was fun seeing the kids all walk and show off their costumes along to some Halloween music. Claire was the second to last kid to walk in the parade so we had to wait a long time before we saw her and unfortunately not all the parents wanted to wait so there were people walking out in front of us but she finally caught sight of us and waved and smiled. :) A little later I was able to take the boys and help out at Claire's Halloween party in her classroom. I was able to help them with a ghost craft which was pretty fun.

That evening, before it got dark we got our costumes on, took a few pictures, then went out to get a quick bite to eat before going trick-or-treating. Claire and Everett were pros this year. They knew exactly what to do and went up to each door confidently. Seth was a little more cautious. He got the hang of it pretty quickly though and always chose a sucker if he saw one. :) We had an "incredible" time this Halloween. :)