Monday, May 13, 2013

the festival of tulips

when does something become a tradition? well, this is our third straight year of going to the thanksgiving point tulip festival, so we're going to call it one of our first family traditions. after a long and cold winter, we always welcome the opportunity to get out of the house, enjoy some warmer weather, and check out some pretty scenery at these beautiful gardens.

everett loved being outside, but we've discovered that he really doesn't like grass. whenever we put him down he would kinda freak out a little. hope he gets over that quickly. for the most part, claire was pretty unimpressed by the flowers, but boy, she sure did love the fish and ducks. and she was so helpful reading the map and being our little navigator around the gardens.

for the most part, it was a nice and quiet walk, but we do have one humorous story to tell: while we were enjoying the peaceful fountains in the italian garden area, we noticed another little boy enjoying the fountains as well. it seems that he must have really enjoyed them because while we were posing for a picture, we hear a big splash behind us. we turn to see the little boy had fallen completely into the fountains. they weren't too deep so the kid didn't need any help, but he did get completely soaked, and he was obviously very embarrassed. he got out of the fountains without saying a word to us and slowly walked away. call us cold-hearted, but we couldn't help but laugh a little once he was gone. this is claire watching the soaking boy walk away. :)

the rest of the day was spent checking out some more scenery, dancing at the amphitheater, looking over the waterfalls, playing some music, hiding in tunnels, and lots of walking. but we of course made sure to have fun and stop and smell the... tulips. :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goodbye Mom and Dad

I'm a little behind on posts so this will be short and sweet. A couple weeks ago, my mom and dad left to go serve a mission at the Nauvoo temple. They were sooo excited and I'm so happy for them. They will definitely be missed around here though. They bore their testimonies that Sunday and were set apart at home that afternoon. We had a big going away dinner and get together for them that evening. We enjoyed seeing family and spending time with everyone. :)

Love you Mom and Dad!