Friday, July 31, 2009

don't mess with texas

i now have the privilege of writing part 2 of our much needed vacation. amber wrote of the texas reception, but i must first return to earlier that day when kyle and i gave our wives a quick tour of grand ole abilene, including a stop at the grace museum to show off how cultured we pretend to be. after our fun with the cool sound effect wall, we quickly bypassed most of the boring stuff (stopping occasionally to make disparaging remarks with our sly wit when it was clearly required of us to make fun of certain art work), and found our way to the children’s area! we shot air at each other, played with the mini tornado, and pushed kids aside so that we could dance in front of the retro-colored-screen-thingy! good times. then, as a less than thrilling finale to the museum, we finished with the ‘historic abilene’ floor, seeing rooms through the ages and learning all about boots. exciting. i prefer shark skin myself.

the reception was that night, church the next day, and then monday, me, amber, and the whole bryson clan (22 in total) were off to san antonio. a short 4 hour drive later and we stood at the gates of schlitterbahn, the greatest waterpark in the world! say it slowly – IN… THE… WORLD! too bad so many people agree because the lines were way too long. fun day still, but awfully tiring. day two of our san antonio excursion found us back at schlitterbahn. this time we hopped the tram over to the other half of the park across town and quickly found the line for the ‘master blaster’, voted time and again by water ride experts (i believe they only offer that degree at yale) as the best water ride in the history of the universe ever! say it slowly – IN… THE… HISTORY… OF… THE… UNIVERSE… EVER! too bad so many people have read the scientific papers written on the subject because the line was about 2 hours long! and very deceptive. after an hour you think you’re almost to the end, then you walk up the stairs and you’re hit with the sad realization you’ve got another hour wait. i felt used, cheap, and dirty. but the ride was a blast, so it’s hard to complain too much.

we eventually found our way to the wave pool lazy river. i did forget to mention that we had purchased a waterproof disposable camera for the trip. for my ease, i put the camera into my swimsuit pocket (which is a great invention cuz i used to have to hold stuff when i swam – now my wallet and phone fit nicely into my pocket). well we get into this not-so-lazy river and i notice a camera floating by me. i smirk, check my pocket, then tore into a frantic spasm after the camera. having secured it, i made the brilliant move of putting it right back into my pocket, since it worked so well the first time. a couple laps in the river and again i notice it missing. i was sure it was gone for good this time, but just as i thought this, a plump little girl floats by in her tube, randomly taking pictures with a camera that looked an awful lot like ours. amber chases her down and asks if the camera is hers. she says no and promptly drops it back into the water and we watch as the current whisks the camera away. we chased it down quickly enough, which ended up not being as important as we wished it had – very few of the pictures turned out. oh well. funny story.

day three found us touring the sights of san antonio. first stop was the alamo (which is really nothing more than a boring museum, but don’t tell my texan friends i said so). we then wandered down to the river walk and had lunch at the hard rock café. amber and i then snuck away from the bryson party and drove over to austin to see her brother jarom, his wife linda, and their new baby boy jadon. jadon was a little shy around us, but was still way too cute. ladies, mark your calendars now – sixteen years from now he’ll be available. J

day four had us back at an amusement park, but this time it was six flags: fiesta texas. while we definitely enjoyed the much shorter lines, we definitely missed the water because it was hot! at our very first ride, the boy in front of us passed out from the heat. we kept plenty hydrated, rode some roller coasters, found shade as often as possible, relaxed often, and had an enjoyable day. we gathered at the end of the night and enjoyed a firework/ laser light show boasting of the greatness of texas. amber was so inspired that she was ready to drive a truck, ride a bull, fight for the alamo, or do any other truly texan thing to show her loyalty.

we headed back to abilene the next day and back home to provo the day after that. a lot of driving, a lot of walking, a lot of sun, and a lot of money spent (almost all by the parents – thank you so much mom and dad!), but it was a very fun couple of weeks. and i can now proudly say my wife is a true texan! she knows the four seasons of texas, has been to the alamo, got in a drunken bar fight and stabbed a guy with a broken pool stick, and has seen a prairie dog. yee haw amber! slowly - YEE... HAW... !

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kyle and Courtney's Wedding

So it has been an extremely busy couple of weeks. And we have more fun to come, so we're attempting to get these blogs out before we have more to blog about! :) I'm devoting this blog though to Scott's brother, Kyle's wedding. Kyle and Courtney were married in the Bountiful temple July 14th. I have to say, it was a lot less stressful and more enjoyable being guests and not the bride and groom ourselves! Monday night we enjoyed an outdoor picnic and games with Courtney's family up in Ogden. We had to drive back a little earlier that evening so that Scott could make it to work that night. Poor Scott got about an hour and a half of sleep before we headed back up to Bountiful tuesday morning for the wedding. Courtney was beautiful and Kyle looked great in his tux. We are so happy for both of them. After the wedding, Scott got another hour of sleep before we headed to the reception at the Ogden Union Station. I loved their decorations and the kids were so interested in the trains, it was cute. :) We had to leave the reception a little earlier that night also so that Scott could make it back to work again. Yes, he worked after only about 3 hours of sleep...without any complaining. I don't know how he does it sometimes. The rest of the week was spent getting ready, packing, working and then driving down to Texas for the reception down there. We blew up a bunch of balloons for the balloon fountain at the texas the end of the night all the kids had the fun of popping the balloons, we were a little scared...;) Overall it was a great week. Busy, but so much fun and we are so happy for Kyle and Courtney. :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Scarlet Letter

I finally finished it! This was a very boring, slow book to read. I thought it would be better and easier since reading it in highschool...but no, I think it took even longer! But it can at least be marked off from our list as being read! :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

yay! amber made it!

i’ve discovered two things about myself recently: i am not original and i can no longer keep a secret to surprise my wife. both of these realizations came as i prepared to honor my beautiful amber for her 26th year of not dying. in days of old, living to the ripe old age of 26 was so unheard of that, very ironically, it would get you killed during monthly town witch hunts. (source: the salem gazette, issue 27, 30 feb 1683) so in honor of such a great accomplishment, i had to do something special. problem was i used my best (and only) ideas last year and i had no clue of what to do this year. i also had the extremely daunting task of trying to keep par with amber after the awesome birthday she gave me.
the first obstacle was getting work off so i could be with her. i wanted to keep it a surprise, but sure enough, i can’t do that anymore. i cannot keep a straight face with that woman for longer than 3 seconds. this unprofessional fault of mine haunted me yet again as i attempted to make a dvd of our wedding for her, complete with our photo slideshow and wedding video, including all the bells and whistles (cool menus, a soundtrack, dvd cover, etc.) unfortunately, she caught me in the act of making it, and instead of being smooth and cleverly hiding what i was doing, i sung like celine dion on canadian boxing day (i have no idea what that’s supposed to mean, but it sounded snappy and i like it. J) so i showed all of my project to her right then and there and ruined what was supposed to be my “special” present for her.

our weekend began on friday with a drive to the utah arts festival in salt lake. one of my sister-in-law’s many weird habits is belly dancing (love ya sherry), and she was performing. sidenote: there are a lot of weird people in this world… and all of them seem to like art festivals… and not to like showers. well as luck would have it, right as their performance ended, the clouds rolled in and it began to POUR! as luck would not have it though, we were parked four blocks away. at least we got our exercise for the day as we sprinted to our car in the typhoon. we then all met at my sister’s place for a little party. played some games, ate some food, watched some tv, and socialized. we spent the night there, did a round of golf in the morning, then headed up to my cousin’s house in logan for another party. played some games, ate some food, amber rode a horse, and socialized. we came home that evening, hit the sack, and arose the next morning for church.

for breakfast, i thought i'd make her german pancakes. i've never heard of them, but amber once said they she loved them, so i gave it a try. to my horror, i pulled them out of the oven and what once was just an interesting looking batter had now become an alien birth pod! i was just about to throw it out when amber ensured me that's how they're supposed to be. they were pretty good. after that, it was off to church.

then the real work began, as well as my unoriginality. i dropped amber off at relief society, then hurried home and built a big fort in our living room (stole the idea from ‘the holiday’). dragged out our mattress, hung some sheets and christmas lights, worked up a good sweat, laid out a couple gifts, then back to church. a couple hours later and we’re heading home, my excitement barely being contained. she walks in and beholds castle ambott. we crawl in and on the mattress are 103 pieces of candy, each with a different reason why i love her (stole the idea from amber – she did this for me last valentines). we then opened her presents which included a movie, a book, and a new “special” present – a coupon book (again, stole the idea from amber – she did this for me for my birthday last year), which included coupons for a new skirt, swimsuit, shoes, and a few other things that you need to mind your own business about. J after presents, we watched a movie in our fort, had dinner, birthday pie, and games with her family, then ended the night with some ice cream cake, one of the few cakes that my cake-hater wife likes.

i apologize to amber that i’m neither the most creative of men, nor the most original. and i know it’ll only get worse as the years go by. i should have set the bar really low here at the beginning and pretended to have forgotten the day all together. J