Monday, January 27, 2014

Pizza with the Family

While my sister was visiting, we also got together with the rest of our family living close by. We all met up at our place and enjoyed some time together talking, playing, eating pizza and letting all the little cousins show off how well they knew the new "Frozen" songs. It was a fun night. :)

Monday, January 20, 2014


My sister Kristy and her family visited for a few days so while they were here we went tubing. My other sister Heidi works at the Soldier Hollow tubing hills and so she was able to get us all in for free. :) We had a blast! We started the kids on the little kiddie hill, cuz last time when we went sledding they didn't love it, but this time Claire really did LOVE it. After a few times on the kiddie hill, she was asking to go down the big hill.

The little boy cousins and I waited at the bottom while Scott took Claire up with the others. I was a little scared for her and when Scott took her down he was a little worried it was so fast that it may have scared her too, but when they reached the bottom she looked up at us and yelled "that was fun!".

She went down several more times with Scott, myself, Heidi, and once Kristy watched Everett so all three of us were able to go down together. Everett thought that sitting in the tube and being pulled around was so fun and soothing that he fell asleep. :)

We ended the fun by building a snowman. Since watching "Frozen", that's what Claire was most excited about doing when she heard we were going to be playing out in the snow. Sadly, the snow was horrible for making snowmen so we only ended up making a little miniature snowman right before leaving. She was happy with it. :)