Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Again?

So I heard somewhere that babies usually have up to 7 colds within the first year. If that is true I guess I can expect 4 more colds in the next 5 months! That's almost like a cold a month, not fun! I hope that's not the case, especially with summer coming up!
Claire has a cold again, but this time she has an ear infection and pink eye along with it, which has made night time not fun. We actually have resorted to the old trick of driving around town at midnight just in hopes that she'd fall asleep in her carseat. It works, until she wakes up a couple hours later anyway! Yesterday was probably one of her worst days. She wouldn't smile at all, she'd just sleep and want to be held constantly. She looked miserable. It was so sad seeing her like that and not being able to take it all away. :( Today has been much better. Still fussy, but smiling at least! She was playing with the humidifier and the air kept blowing into her face. She thought it was the funniest thing. :)

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