Wednesday, June 30, 2010

one crazy month, part four - manti

in a month such as this, so full of fun activities and memorable events, some stories must inevitably be passed over and sacrificed for the sake of time. this is probably one such story because not much actually happened. but this one has a special place in our heart. on saturday, the 19th of june, we headed down with family and friends to watch the mormon miracle pageant held at the manti temple, the same temple amber and i were sealed for all time and eternity.
we've seen the pageant a few times now, so it really was nothing new. but, like any good story, certain elements stand out to you differently at different times in your life. amber found herself touched a little more than usual when the children ran to meet Jesus Christ, without a doubt because of the little one who will shortly be joining us. i personally got a little misty eyed when the man died in the wilderness and was led by his wife, hand in hand, into the next world.
in some ways, it seems like only yesterday amber and i stood at the top of that hill, looking forward to the rest of forever. but in another way, it seems like forever ago. i find it hard to remember a life without amber. as we sat there enjoying the wonderful show about God's perfect plan for us, it was hard not to glance up at the temple and find the window of that special room where the two of us knelt across from each other. Heavenly Father really knows what he's doing. sometimes i sadly don't realize that. but sometimes i really, really do.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Crazy Month, Part 3 - Baby Shower

First of all, I can't thank my sister enough for all the effort she put into planning my baby shower. Thank you Lia!! :) She had planned a garden theme baby shower and it was suppose to be outside but like most of our plans that weekend, the rain moved us inside for the event. I still thought it was so fun though and all the decorations Lia made were so cute! She's so crafty, I need to learn more from her. :) I also loved the fact that I had 6 of my sisters and 3 sister-in-laws all there! I'm grateful for everyone that was able to make it and for all the gifts! Our little girl has just about everything she needs now! :)

All the very cool decorations


My niece was extremely helpful taking the gifts away from me to show them off to everyone! :)
Thank you!

One Crazy Month, Part 2- Family Reunion

Last weekend, my family got together for our yearly family reunion. Everybody met up at my sister Lindy's place up in South Jordan. All 32 of us. We were missing MaeLyn and Jarom and their families but everyone else was able to make it, including April and her husband Dean, who surprised us by showing up when originally they weren't going to be able to make it. That was a fun surprise. :)
So Thursday evening we got together and the plan was to eat dinner and watch a movie outside projected on a big sheet and then camp out in my sister's backyard. However, the weather wasn't on our side all weekend so some plans changed. It was nice for awhile so we ate outside, but we ended up having to watch the movie inside...all 32 of us... Camping was fun, it wasn't too cold (although I had like 3 blankets and 5 pillows around me so maybe it was cold, but I was good!).Friday morning we played games inside and then headed down to Orem to my parents house. The plan was to go to a park for a big lunch and games, but the rain kinda ruined our plans there a little bit too. No biggy though. We played games at the church instead. :) My sister had to lead a group in some activities for a class assignment, so we happily became her guinea pigs. The first activity was set up outside (before the rain came). We had to guide each other through some mouse traps, learning to trust and follow the directions coming from someone on the other side of the traps.The next activity was another trust one, you had to run through a tunnel of arms. Everyone got in two lines and put their arms out and you make a wave as someone comes running through (sorry if this doesn't make much sense, but it was actually kind of fun!).For the third activity, everyone gathered and stood on a mat. The object was to completely turn over the mat without anyone having to step off. I watched this one from a distance, but it looked interesting. People were supposed to learn to work together. It was fun watching my family all kinda doing their own thing. Some were actually working on turning the mat while others whole objective was to just not fall off!And then for the kids sake, we played a huge game of duck, duck, goose. :)That evening, after dinner some of the adults were able to go do sealings at the Mt. Timpanogas temple. Neither Scott nor I had ever done sealings before, so it was a cool experience. I'm glad we got to go. :)
Saturday morning we all went out to eat at Golden Corral, and then some of us headed to the park to play frisbee and let the kids play on the playground. I miss being able to play ultimate frisbee!! Saturday afternoon was set aside for my baby shower, but I'll cover that in our next post. :) Some family headed home that evening, but Scott and I still had fun playing games at my parents house that night. I love my family! I'm so glad we were able to get together and see everyone. It's a bit crazy now and then, but I love it! :) Sorry I don't have pictures of everyone, but here are a few!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

one crazy month, part one

december used to be my favorite of all the months. december brings with it the christmas season, and the only other season that compares to that is football season. christmas just means people are generally in good spirits and happy. and living in texas, december meant a mild to cool temperature, which meant i could wear my hoodies (and i love my hoodies). we even got a bit of snow to stick once or twice a year. but i now find myself in utah, and while i admit the many snowfalls are beautiful, actually going out into it (and especially driving in it) is miserable.
so as my love for december has waned, my love for june has grown. and although this june hasn't started the way i'd like weather-wise (it hailed yesterday - global warming needs to kick in already! more hairspray ladies!), the schedule for this month makes it arguably the best and busiest month of the year. with birthdays, vacations, reunions, road trips, parties, and plain ole good times ahead, june is just hopping. for the first blog of the month (with many more shortly to follow), we start with the celebration of the birth of me. :)
now i must be honest and admit that i find it a little strange to write about my own birthday. i kind of feel as if i'm saying, "hooray! it's my birthday! come and celebrate me!" (which if you really want to celebrate me, cash donations are still being accepted.) but i also felt strange last year when i was writing about amber's birthday. i kind of felt like i was saying, "hooray! look what i did for my wife! aren't i such a wonderful guy?!" (again, cash donations.) well neither sentiment i really wish to express, but these events have to be written about. so we thought we'd switch the writing assignments around this year.
i was at work when the clock struck midnight and the day of my 29th birthday officially began. i headed home later that morning and was treated by my beautiful wife to a wonderful breakfast. she really is the best. she then let me open one of my presents, which i had to find because she had hidden them all around our bedroom. she then tucked me in to bed, made me promise not to look for any more presents, and headed off to work. after i had awaken and amber had returned, my gorgeous girl took me out to dinner to the olive garden, then treated me to a movie.
amber let me open the remaining presents that night, and i must say that my wife spoils me. she got me some football shoulder pads, season five of lost, and a pair of my favorite tennis shoes, among other presents. she really is the best. it was then off to bed, church in the morning, and then a day spent relaxing in the arms of the woman i love.
that night we had family over for some cake (yes, despite the fact that amber does not like it herself, she still makes it for me every year), ice cream, and other goodies. our downstairs neighbors picked a good time to go on vacation - with my six nieces and nephews running around, and the general clumsiness of my brothers ken and kyle, loud noises were definitely made. it was a very enjoyable night of food, games, and conversing.
well i'm a year older. it was only a few years ago that i absolutely hated birthdays. now i find myself where i want to be (a few years later than i wanted to be, but i can't complain). i'm married to the most perfect girl in the world, i've got a little angel on the way, a steady job that i feel good doing, i'm debt free, i'm finally going back to school, i'm still able to play the game i love and do it reasonably well, i've got the best family and friends a man could ask for, and i got a temple down the road and a current recommend in my wallet. what more could a man ask for? happy birthday to me. :)