Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun Things We've Done

Summertime means more fun outside. We decided to check out the new spash pad in Springville. It was extemely busy because of the newness of it, but it was still a lot of fun. Claire thoroughly enjoyed it. Everett on the other hand, wasn't so sure. He didn't want to sit down in the water. He did like when we walked him through it though.

On Memorial Day we decided to get out and fly a kite. We had a nice picnic and Scott helped Claire fly her Cinderella kite. She was doing pretty well flying it all by herself after not too long. We played at the park and enjoyed the sunshine. :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

scott's birthday

so i'm another year older. 32 to be exact. birthdays used to be so rough for me, but i couldn't be happier with my life now so a few gray hairs won't get me down. :) i woke up to some fun decorations placed all around the house and a wonderful pancake breakfast. my family came to visit and we just hung out, had some cake and ice cream, and opened some presents. The next night we went out to eat, and the next week we went and enjoyed my last birthday present, a date to go see the new superman movie. it was a wonderful birthday and i am so glad to be growing older with amber and these kids. :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

9 Month Old Everett

1. Everett is 9 months old (he's almost 10 months actually, but we're a little behind so we'll just go with it).

2. He weighs 20 pounds 14.5 ounces and is 28.5 inches long.

3. He is still in the 70th percentile for weight and he's in the 55th percentile for height now.

4. Everett's sleeping habits have been a major roller coaster for us. He'd start to get it, but then little things would disrupt it. He wouldn't sleep well with Claire in the same room or any noises would wake him up. He stopped sleeping well with us in our bed too and that meant nobody slept well. He was very dependent on nursing to fall back to sleep too. We ended up clearing out a little space in the food storage room and putting his crib in there (I hope he doesn't hate us when he's older). It took some hard nights of letting him cry it out, but he finally got it down... again... just in time for a tooth. He was waking up a lot for awhile, but he's got it down again now I think (probably until his next tooth anyway).

5. He has become super mobile in the last month or so. He pretty much skipped scooting and went straight to crawling. He mastered crawling in less than a week. Now he has a funny crawl thing going which includes one foot down on the ground, one knee, one foot, one knee. It's funny, but he's pretty proficient at it. He moves around pretty quick this way and he pulls himself up on everything. He's even started walking around holding onto the furniture. He's getting into everything, but I think he's so much happier being able to go where he wants. :)

6. Everett likes his solids. And by solids I mean solids, he doesn't like the pureed baby food much unless it's something sweet like fruit. He gets distracted from whatever he's eating (even if he's nursing) if there is anything else nearby that looks better than what he's got. If he can reach your food at all, he'll make a grab for it. Claire has learned to keep her snacks out of his reach or he'll try to snatch it.

 7. Everett has a cute little pointer finger. I think he learned to point one day from me when I was pointing out some birds in the sky. Now he points to everything that interests him.

8. He's really loud. He jabbers and makes talking noises all the time now. We were at church and he was the loudest baby around... of course that could be because he was yelling right into my ear. At least it's usually happy loud noises, but his sad noises can be just as loud. :)

9. Everett gives me kisses. I love to kiss his cheeks a lot, and after I do it too him, he would sometimes turn and give me one back. He used to just put his mouth on my cheek, but now he's starting to give me real slobbery wet kisses. I love it. :)

10. Claire and Everett have a cute relationship. They get hyper and excited together. He loves to play with her when she lets him. She gets upset when he plays with her toys (we're working on the sharing thing), but she's super sensitive when he's crying she's sometimes the first to run over to him and say things like "you okay buddy?". I love hearing them play together. :)