Saturday, October 22, 2016

california trip 2016 - part 2

so yes, our california trip continued. here is a video recap that amber made of the fun week we had...

well the day after we went sightseeing, we decided to enjoy the house while claire got over a little sickness of her own. we swam, we played games, we went and enjoyed some olive garden, and we finished the day with a movie night. the next day, the family decided it was time for a beach day. we put on our swimsuits, packed up some toys, and then headed over to laguna beach. the kids built some sand castles while we attempted to ride a boogie board with very little success. it was a great day.

after playing on the beach, we got changed into some nicer clothes and my sister-in-law was kind enough to take some family pictures. we sadly didn't get a great one of the three kids together, but we're pretty happy with how they turned out. it was a great end to a great vacation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

california trip 2016 - part 1

it's been years in the making. a lot of planning and replanning was involved. year after year we continually had to say, "maybe next year". but, after all the delays and changed plans, we finally made a bryson disneyland trip happen! while it wasn't quite the huge family reunion we originally hoped for as it was sadly missing so many loved ones, we finally got a good group to commit to a week in california and made it happen. the vacation officially started, at least for us, sunday afternoon. after church, we packed the car up for our week in paradise and headed down to my brother's house in spanish fork. we wanted to hit the road nice and early so we all gathered for a fun little sleepover. but everyone was pretty excited so it was less of a "sleep"over and more of a "stay-up-and-talk"over. 5 a.m. came pretty quickly and we were all loaded up and began our trip. we stopped at a fun little park in las vegas for lunch and let the kids stretch their legs at a playground while we all enjoyed the company of an angry mob of geese. 

we then were back on the road and, after a short 10 hours of sitting in a car, we were at our destination. in lieu of a slew of hotel rooms, we decided to rent a home a couple miles from disneyland. it was so perfect. we had our own little pool to enjoy. we had a game room complete with ping-pong, air-hockey, foosball, and pool tables, as well as a ton of toys for the kids to play with. we were even able to save some money and cooked a few meals in our kitchen instead of eating out every meal. and, best of all (well the kids would probably say the pool was the best part), instead of us all being separated into our own hotel rooms, we were able to all pile on a couch and just be together.

well we hit the sack so we could all get up early and make the short drive over to the "happiest place on earth"! we had hoped that by going on a tuesday in the middle of october, we'd find the park a little less crowded than normal. i guess there is no slow time at disneyland because it was still really busy. but disney has mastered the art of line-waiting and we were still able to do nearly everything on our to-do list. it was a magical time. the kids experienced their first true tastes of real roller coasters. while the big thunder mountain railroad was a big hit, i think the haunted space mountain might have been a bit much for them. everett did disappear into the countless throngs of people for a couple minutes, which left mommy and daddy with mild heart attacks, he was found quickly and we were all okay. all in all, everyone loved the day.

the next day, the rest of our group took on disneyland for another day, but we decided to try to go take a tour of amber's hometown of mission viejo. unfortunately, amber was under the weather, so we spent most of the day relaxing and enjoying the house and pool, which was great after the busy day we had before. amber was feeling a bit better later, so we went and looked at some of the beautiful beaches that dot the landscape before we called it a day.