Thursday, March 31, 2011

March C's

Create: So I see people getting things from D.I. all the time and fixing them up to look like new, and I'm always so amazed. When I look around D.I. I usually always walk back out disappointed cuz I don't see anything useful. I guess I'm just not good at seeing the potential things have. Early this month though I finally walked out of D.I. actually purchasing something! I found this desk for only $30. We had been looking for a desk for my sewing machine and for all the craft stuff I've slowly been accumulating, but never found anything we liked for a decent price. When we found this one, it actually had a very very ancient sewing machine still inside that little compartment you see on top. Scott was able to take it out though with no problem. It was a bit scratched up and dirty, but the wood is very sturdy and it was just what we were looking for. :)

So I've discovered refinishing wood is definitely not my favorite thing to do. I sanded the whole thing and Scott helped me put the primer on (which was a huge pain to clean up). The primer was so goopy and thick in some places I had to sand the whole thing again before I could paint it. Anyway, the whole thing took forever and I'm not wanting to refinish anything else anytime soon, but I'm pretty happy with how my desk turned out. :)

Cook: Scott and I love cinnamon rolls. I found this recipe and decided to try my hand at homemade ones. I thought they turned out really good...mmm. :)

Capture: Well, I actually had a couple photoshoots planned for the month, but first they got sick and then Claire got sick and then I got sick and so every time I ended up canceling. And then the last week we've had pretty yucky weather so no actual photoshoots were done this month. I did take pictures at Scott's tackle football game and entered this picture in a photo contest this week so I'm counting it. :) The theme of the contest was "Slice of Life". It was supposed to be a candid shot.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Peek - A - Boo

In case you couldn't tell, I think she's enjoying her new found mobility. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Again?

So I heard somewhere that babies usually have up to 7 colds within the first year. If that is true I guess I can expect 4 more colds in the next 5 months! That's almost like a cold a month, not fun! I hope that's not the case, especially with summer coming up!
Claire has a cold again, but this time she has an ear infection and pink eye along with it, which has made night time not fun. We actually have resorted to the old trick of driving around town at midnight just in hopes that she'd fall asleep in her carseat. It works, until she wakes up a couple hours later anyway! Yesterday was probably one of her worst days. She wouldn't smile at all, she'd just sleep and want to be held constantly. She looked miserable. It was so sad seeing her like that and not being able to take it all away. :( Today has been much better. Still fussy, but smiling at least! She was playing with the humidifier and the air kept blowing into her face. She thought it was the funniest thing. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hooray for Spring!

So usually with the cold weather outside we spend our days doing things like this...

(She was 'helping' me with laundry)
...basically, I try to do things that need to be done around the house and entertain her in any way I can, all at the same time. :)

This week however has been much more exciting. Besides getting a root canal this last Monday (super fun... NOT!), I had the opportunity to go to a photography workshop with my fabulous sister-in-law. The workshop was AWESOME and I felt like I learned a ton! :)

The next day was so nice and warm I just felt like I HAD to go outside and use what I had learned, to take pictures of everything. So Scott, Claire and I went for a walk up the canyon and although the weather was beautiful, the scenery was not. It wasn't really the best time of day for pictures, but the walk was fun, and despite the looks on both of their faces, they did enjoy being outside. :)

We can't wait for more sunny and warm days this summer. We will be going on many more of these walks I'm sure. :)

Root canal, photography workshop, warm weather, new phones, plus a couple intramural games for Scott (which he won both, I might add) make for a pretty intense week. But we have one more bit of news... It's pretty exciting and scary all at once! :)

You ready for this?! You'll have to just watch and see...

Claire has mastered the technique of scooting around! Oh the places she'll go! One more reason to love spring. With her new found ability to get around, she's going to be everywhere and getting into everything. :) Being able to play outside will be like freedom (for her and me)! Hooray for spring! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

claire bear's hair

by writing this blog, i acknowledge that i risk my daughter one day hating me. i imagine, many years from now, our little girl wanting to read all about her first few years of life. i see her reading this entry, her mouth agape, and her yelling, "you said what?!" i see me, with my 5 olympic gold medals draped around my neck, pleading for forgiveness and trying to bribe claire with a brand new solid gold flying rocket car (cuz those will exist in the future) and a unicorn (those too). she'll storm off angry, jump in our private space shuttle, and take off to our cabin on mars to cool off for a few hours. with all this in mind, i write anyways.

our little girl was born a hairy beast. she had a nice full head of hair that the nurses promptly put up into a cute little fohawk. and on the not-as-cute side, her body was covered with little patches of hair. they were light patches, but they were noticeable if you really looked. she had them on her forehead, shoulders, lower back, and ankles. everyone couldn't help but remark on all her beautiful hair. those comments have since died down. while our little girl has grown, the one thing that hasn't grown with her is her hair.

in some cases, this is a good thing. her patches on her forehead, shoulders, and ankles have completely disappeared (though the one on her lower back is still there - at least it should keep her modest when she gets older :) ). but we're a little sad that the hair on her head hasn't grown much. i love the thought of amber doing cute stuff to our little girl's hair. but you can't do pigtails on a prematurely balding baby. her hair just won't grow. well, most of it.
amber has recently discovered that a few random hairs have sprouted up. we're not sure if you can see them in the picture, but they are there. a few have suggested that we shout cut these beautiful longer hairs to even them out with the rest, but we shun the idea! be shunned idea! these hairs represent hope in a world that needs more hope. they represent potential. little hairs from all over claire's head can look to these longer hairs as examples - as a light. they can stand tall and say, "i can do this! i can grow!"

and if we were to cut those standout strands of hair, the shorter hair would be scared to grow. we don't want to scare claire bear's hair. he he. scare claire bear's hair. i think i'll end on that little rhyme. :)