Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Lights at Temple Square

Since we had family in town until Saturday we decided to go up to Salt Lake City and see the Temple Square lights Friday evening. Last year we never went up because I was a little worried about bringing Claire out into the freezing winter air but this year we decided to go for it. She seemed totally unaffected by the cold air and I think she enjoyed looking at the lights. :)

Everything was lit up so pretty and despite the fact that most of our time was spent making sure we had everyone with us (there were so many people there), we really enjoyed seeing it all. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

thank you day

thanksgiving really is one of my favorite holidays. family, friends, football, food, and fun - it really is a perfect day. thanksgiving started this year (as it always should) with some football. this year it was the bryson family versus my brother's ward. it was me, my brothers kyle and ken, my sister becca, my nephew henry, and my cousins jake and pat. that poor ward may never be the same. :)

after football, i headed home to get some sleep because i had worked the night before, which meant i unfortunately had to miss some of the big mcclellan festivities. we had the browns visiting all the way from missouri, the dawes and heidi from idaho, the kerbys came down from south jordan, and the betts dropped by later for dessert.

one of my favorite mcclellan traditions is where they write out what they are thankful for on little slits of paper, then they link them all together and hang them on the Christmas tree. it really does help me remember what really is important during this holiday season.

after spending time with the mcclellan side of the family, we went and spent time with the bryson side. the elliotts had driven over from colorado, the dedows came down from bountiful, becca from salt lake, and kyle and courtney made the trip from ogden. we ate some food, played some games, ate some more food, then ate some more food.

it was such a wonderful day. we are so grateful to have seen so much family who could travel safely from all over. i wish everyday could be as much fun as this one, but we'd all probably weigh 400 pounds if they were.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Tidbits

It's been a busy month, hence the lack of posts this month. I can't say we've done a whole lot lately, but we've kept busy with the usual day-to-day things associated with going to school, working, church callings and raising this little girl. Claire has been growing so quickly and becoming less of a baby and more of a little person every day. We are loving it. :)

She is getting more independent every day. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it most of the time too. She loves to sit in her little rocking chair and watch Blue's Clues or Curious George. She also has recently decided that she must sit in the big chair instead of her high chair to eat her snacks. She makes the funniest faces sometimes. :)

She loves reading her books. There was a time period where I thought she had lost all interest in books. She would pull them off the shelf just to make a mess but she never would look at them. But now she pulls them off and brings them to me to read to her. Her favorite game at the moment is to go through each page and point out the dog, or the baby, or mouse, or whatever I ask her to find. It's fun to see her recognize words and know what it is I'm asking. :)

She is so proud of herself. We're pretty proud of her too. :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

October C's

I'm a little behind on blogging right now, but I just wanted to do a quick update on my C's for last month. :)

Create: So I made something last month, but I can't show or tell what it is since it's gonna be a Christmas present. ;) I did make a little fall decoration though for our place. I found the idea off of Pinterest. It was super easy to do, pretty cheap and I think it looks really cute! (I put together the candle decoration, not the pumpkin).

Cook: This month I made Chicken Ranch Macaroni and Cheese, a recipe from here. It was a little difficult to make, but that was probably cuz I was just trying to follow a new recipe. It turned out really good actually and it made quite a bit so we had it as leftovers for a few dinners. :)

Capture: I actually had a few opportunities to take pictures this month, it was great! The first photoshoot was of a little girl in our old ward. Her mom wanted some 18 month pictures of her daughter and remembered that I had offered once before so she asked me and we took pictures in an orchard, which was really fun. The second was a soccer photoshoot that I mostly just helped out with. My sister in law was taking pictures of a soccer team and they wanted a few individual shots of each player and some team shots, so I came along and helped out. And the third was some family pictures my sister asked me to take of her. She wanted very fall looking pictures so we drove up the canyon to get some more fall looking photos. I think they turned out well, you can check out my photoblog to see more. :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, Part 2

We had a pretty busy Halloween weekend, but it was pretty fun. It started Friday night when we went to a party some friends of ours had down in Spanish Fork. We dressed up and ate yummy food. Claire participated in a cake walk and won a glow-in-the-dark wand. :) Saturday our ward had a Halloween carnival. We walked around the booths that they had, but they were more for older children so we ended up spending most of the time in the kitchen where I was helping with the refreshment booth. We got our family picture taken at the photo booth afterwards. :)

Check out our costumes... Scott is Bedtime Bear (not sleepy bear, grumpy bear, or goodnight bear, but BEDTIME Bear), I am FUNshine bear and Claire is Share Bear.

Our pumpkins were looking pretty sad by Saturday... Monday night, they were really scary considering they were both shriveled up almost to the point of not being recognizable. :)

Our little Claire Bear.

Sunday was super busy. Just as a side note, I got a calling in our new ward as the Primary 1st Counselor and this Sunday was my first time teaching Sharing Time. It went alright, but I was happy to be done with that first one. Sunday night we had a family get together. We didn't get to show off our costumes or anything, but it was still fun seeing everyone.
And then Monday we wore our costumes most of the day. I had to work and I got to wear my costume to work. Scott picked me up and we took Claire trick-or-treating to a few family and friends' houses down in S.F., and then headed home and walked around our street a little. At first she was a little nervous about the whole thing, but towards the end, when she realized we were filling her little bucket up with things, she got pretty excited. :)

The first picture with me was at the beginning when she was a little scared and the one next to it was at the end, so you can see how comfortable she got later on. :)

After trick-or-treating, we came inside and helped pass out candy. Claire kept running over to our bowl of give-away candy and snitching some for her bucket. :) She really enjoyed this Halloween and it was so much fun for us seeing her get all excited. Happy Halloween!