Monday, September 29, 2014


In June, after a couple of my sisters asked about it, we started noticing occasionally that Everett's eye would turn in. We noticed it happening more and more since then, but weren't too concerned since he seemed to be able to see fine. During his 2 year checkup, we asked about it and were told to take him to a pediatric ophthalmologist.

When we took him in to see the ophthalmologist, they did a couple tests and we were told that he was extremely farsighted, more so in the one eye. He has been straining his eyes to focus which is causing the one eye to curve inward. He prescribed him the glasses and we left. A week later the glasses came and this last week we've been trying to adjust to them.

I have to say it's been a pretty emotional and difficult week. Everett will wear his glasses for a good amount of time, but takes them off when he's "done". I usually have to bribe him to put them back on again or tell him he can't do something he wants to do unless he puts his glasses on. I feel like such a meanie mom. He's been tilting his head up and down to look either above or below them. He doesn't like to look through them. I know it takes getting used to, but I kinda expected him to like them at least a little because they're supposed to help him see better... I called and voiced my concerns to the doctor but they told me to keep trying a little longer and stick with it until his appointment next month so we'll see how it goes... 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Creative Photo Challenge #2

-the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do. 
I had a bunch of ideas for this one at first, but they didn't exactly play out well when I tried to capture them. So here's what I got. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Creative Photo Challenge #1

So I've always kinda wanted to do one of those 52-week photo projects or a photo-a-day for a month or (even scarier) a 365-day photo project. However, I've never tried because they've always intimidated me. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to keep it up with how busy life gets sometimes.  I found this list of themes on Pinterest though and decided to give it a shot (by myself, not with the website). I just liked that it said no timeline, no pressure, no failure. This is just a personal challenge I want to try to hopefully strengthen my photo taking skills and creativity. I will be trying to get these done once a week, and posting them so I know people will see them and therefore I'll try harder. :)

So originally I saw morning and thought, that should be pretty easy... However we live in a basement and I realized how dark it is, especially early morning when my kids wake up. I kept trying different things though and didn't like how they were turning out. Claire woke up a little later this morning though and since Scott was at football, we played in our bed this morning. I opened our blinds and hiked up my ISO super high and got this shot, which I loved. :)  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our Little Buddy Is Two

Everett had a birthday a few weeks ago. We had a fun, but not too crazy celebration. We made a cake earlier in the day. Everett and Claire were very "helpful"... I'm glad I had enough batter after their help to still make a cake with. :) It was Claire's idea to make a monster cake and Everett was pretty happy about it. We had hot dogs for dinner (Everett's favorite) and then opened presents. I love how Claire was totally hovering over him as he opened his presents. She wanted to open them all for him. The kids (and Daddy) all enjoyed playing with the presents for a little while before we had cake. I think it was pretty successful. He went to bed happy that night. :)

Now some facts about Everett...

1. Everett is now 35.5" tall. He's getting taller, but sadly not quite tall enough to ride the ferris wheel at Scheels like we found out the other day.

2. He still has a funny fascination with his belly button. He loves drinking from his bottle with one hand while his other hand is playing with his belly button. It was hard when taking his 2-year pictures to get any with his hand not on his tummy. :) 

3. Like I mentioned earlier, one of his favorite foods is hot dogs. He's thrown plenty of tantrums because we didn't have hot dogs for lunch. :)

4. He always wants to be like Claire and do whatever she does. If that means putting on dresses and necklaces, that's what he wants to do. If she plays little baby doll games on the ipad, he wants to also, etc.

5. Since Claire got a bike for her birthday, we decided Everett needed one too or we'd have issues with them fighting over the same bike. We got him a smaller little tricycle which he loves to push himself around on. He hasn't gotten the pedaling down at all, but he still has fun and is pretty fast just pushing himself around with his feet.

6. He loves to tease Claire. He really knows what bothers her and I see him doing things specifically to see her reaction. I wonder sometimes where kids learn these things or if they just come naturally, but he's a big tease.

7. He can be a little comedian. He's so silly sometimes and he loves to make us laugh.

8. In an attempt to see if we could get him interested in more boy-related things, we got him some cars and a dinosaur for his birthday. He really likes playing with his cars on ramps and things and he always points out airplanes and loud trucks he sees when we're out. He likes roaring for his dinosaur and he has a black stuffed monkey named "Bounce" that he likes to sleep with. I like seeing him get interested in more boyish things or just not the same things that Claire likes. :)

9. I can't remember how much Claire talked at this point, but it seems like Everett's talking more than she did at this point. He's pretty much talking in full sentences and I love that he can communicate with me. I may be biased, but I just love when he talks and tells me something. It's so cute. :)

10. With Claire being home and me trying to teach her a little here instead of sending her to preschool, Everett joins us for all our activities. I don't know how much he understands but he's picking up stuff I'm sure. He can almost count to ten... it usually goes something like this though: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 7, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10.