Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Amber's Birthday

I'm another year older...33 to be exact. I have to write it down occasionally or I seriously forget how old I am. It was a nice day, Scott made me muffins for breakfast and came home from work to make me lunch. We celebrated that evening with some yummy Sundae pie. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Wyoming Reunion

We made it to the last day of my family's camp-out reunion up in Wyoming. Scott asked for Friday off work, and we left early Friday morning so we'd have as much time as we could with family. I guess we made it there just a half hour too late though cuz we passed one of my sisters and their van just driving out of the little canyon valley as we headed in. We spent Friday playing with my other two sisters and their families. Kids had a blast playing with their cousins and getting as dirty as possible. They had already had a talent show the night before but it didn't stop Claire from planning another show on the nice big stage. :) Seth had been sick and not sleeping or napping well and he still didn't nap well but he was pretty happy with the attention he was getting from cousins. Camping has always been an adventure. In the past, we've been pretty cold so I thought we had planned much better this time but we still got pretty cold. I allowed Seth to sleep with me so he wouldn't be too cold and let him nurse all night to his heart's content since I wasn't getting any sleep anyway. He woke up super happy! :) In the morning we helped clean up and take down camp and left after lunch so we could make it to Scott's football game. The kids were tired and dirty but had a good time. It was a very short, exhausting trip but I'm sure we made some good memories. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Swimming Lessons 2016

So the first 4 weeks of summer we had the kids taking swimming lessons. The first two weeks Everett took went to his pre 1 class and he seemed to really enjoy it. He practiced kicking and blowing bubbles and learning basic pool safety. I think it was a good start to summer. Classes were 2 weeks long and we decided to give Claire double the lessons so she'd learn quicker. She took the pre 3 class the first two weeks at the same time as Everett and then went into the pre 4 class the next two weeks. I think it was a good idea doing the two classes in a row, I really saw progress in her swimming abilities this year. We continued taking Everett to the pool with her those last two weeks and he played and goofed off in the water and was able to practice some of those skills he learned with daddy. We also got the kids goggles this year which I really think helped Claire get her head under water more. :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

my birthday weekend

so yeah, i got older. the big 35. so we had a great weekend to celebrate. the saturday before my big day we woke up nice and early and headed to the utah lake festival. it was a fun event with lots of different booths set up to promote water safety and the many recreational activities available out at the lake. it was a blast.

the next day i woke up to a wonderful breakfast before we headed off to church. after church, amber got to work making an amazing birthday cake, which she does every year. we ate some dinner, then face-timed my parents. we then watched a movie, opened some presents, and ate some of that delicious cake and ice cream. it was a good day.