Thursday, April 28, 2011

a week of easter

this easter holiday has happily extended itself for much longer than the single day on the calendar would suggest. the festivities began the monday before as we spent the evening at mom and dad mcclellan's house for a wonderful dinner and an intense easter egg hunt. i would like to thank claire for writing such a fantastic blog chronicling the event - she is so talented at such a young age. :) since then the fun has only continued.

the rest of the week continued fairly uneventfully. on saturday i had my final tackle football game of the year. half of my team couldn't make it, which left me playing qb against a team of behemoths, behind a depleted o-line, with no subs, already sore from a brutal game the week before. i took quite a few hits. later that day, beaten and broken as i was, we were able to enjoy the company of some of our closest friends as we celebrated jake and katie's baby's first birthday. we had some pizza, ate some gluten-free cupcakes, and enjoyed good times with our circle of friends. i can't believe how fast these kids are growing!

the next day, after raiding our easter baskets of all their candy, we got dressed in our easter sunday best (my girls looked so beautiful in their matching outfits) and headed off to church for the last time. okay, that's a little misleading, but it sets up our next little story. we have been in this "married student ward" since we first got married two and a half years ago. it's been a good ward. we haven't made a whole lot of close friends (amber and i are just too darn shy sometimes), but we have come to know some really great people. but the church has decided to do away with a lot of the student wards in favor of more family wards. as with any change, we find ourselves both excited and nervous at the same time. we will definitely dearly miss those with whom we have come to know.

later that evening we headed over to my brother's house for easter dinner and some family time. we enjoyed a delicious ham dinner with corn and potatoes and the best rolls. mmmm. thank you so much ken and sherry. and thank you becca for an easter basket for claire - you're the best aunt. :) the next day we headed up to the lehi pool to enjoy some swimming and to hang out with our friends chance, sarah, and their little one. claire definitely enjoys her baths, and she had fun last time we went swimming, but she seemed to absolutely love it this time! she had a blast splashing everyone she could. i think our little girl is going to be a swimmer.

while that officially concludes "easter week" for us, we still have some other activities planned. we bought an easter egg dying kit the other day and plan on painting us some eggs here real soon. and we will be heading up to thanksgiving point soon to enjoy the tulip festival. we're pretty excited about that. and while all these fun activities and easter egg hunts and candy galore make the holiday a blast, we would be amiss to not mention the real reason behind the holiday - the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. very little in this life can equal the peace and comfort that comes from the knowledge that our family will be together forever thanks to the resurrection of our Lord. we know that death is not the end of the story, only the end of one chapter, with many more chapters to come. amber and i testify that Christ has risen from the tomb and broken the bands of death for us all. we echo the words of the prophet joseph smith:

"And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!" (d&c 76:22)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A McClellan Easter Egg Hunt (from Claire's Perspective)

Earlier this week mom and dad packed me away in my car seat for like the bazillionth time that day. I screamed, cried, begged them to take me out but it was no use, we kept driving. So I did the only other thing I could think of doing... I fell asleep. When I woke up though, I found myself at grandma and grandpa McClellan's house! I was so happy to see so many of my cousins there and they seemed pretty excited and happy to see me too. :)

We all ate dinner first, then I got to play with my cousins for a little bit. I even taught my cousin Kylie a new trick!

After a while mom got pretty excited and picked me up and we all went down into the basement for some reason. And then we just waited.

In the basement everyone just sat or stood around. My cousins ran around me and danced and the adults all talked...I didn't see Grandma, Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lia though. I wonder where they were...

And was crazy! Everyone went upstairs and started tearing apart grandma's house! They seemed to be looking for things. They looked up high and down low, they opened cupboards and closets... and they kept yelling "I found one!"

I didn't really see the big deal until Daddy picked me up and pointed to some kind of little green ball. To humor him I decided to try and pick it up. It wasn't too heavy and it rattled a little. Then Daddy opened it up and I found something else inside. It was pretty interesting but I guess I'll never know what it was cuz it was taken away. :( At least they let me keep the ball. :)

With Daddy's help I found a few of those round toys, which I guess are actually called "eggs". My cousins opened their eggs and kept finding things inside. At one point my cousin gave me something brown and a little squishy. I don't know what it was (I think my mom called it a tootsie roll), but it looked good... I almost got it into my mouth before mommy snatched it away!

After a while all the craziness died down and everyone started packing things up. I said goodbye to my cousins and then mommy and daddy packed me away again in the dreaded carseat and we all went home. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the fun time we had! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just for the sake of documenting these little things, be warned, this post may be a little random. :)

We love cookies. Especially oatmeal chocolate chip ones. mmm. We decided to make some the other night and Claire did not want to miss out on the fun! She's been pretty clingy lately and wants to be held a lot. :)

She's gotten tired of all her old toys so one day I busted out my old playing cards. She had a blast scattering them all around and knocking down the houses that I was trying to build with them.

Claire figured out how to get out of her bumbo so we had to finally get her a highchair. Scott was hiding behind me and she was looking for him in this picture. She'd bust out laughing when he'd poke his head out. She really does love the peek a boo game. :)

Finally a beautiful day off! The three of us went for a picnic. :) I think Claire was more interested in the grass than her food.

She loves walking around.

There was a beautiful view!And because we always like to show off her progress...

She pulled herself up to the bathtub the first time while I was getting it ready for one of her baths. This was her second time pulling herself up. I loved seeing how happy she was with herself and how she suddenly got independent and pushed me away cuz she didn't want me to hold her at all. :) Sadly she fell over a second after this video.

She's growing up so quickly and moving around more and more. We love it! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

diamondbacks 2011

another football season has begun. yeah, i pretty much get to play football year round with all those flag football leagues and just playing with friends, but this is the real deal. getting to put on the pads, hitting each other, getting bloody, and getting dirty. and oh, how dirty we got. it had been such beautiful weather the month leading up to our first game. that however changed the day before as snow began to fall.
i thought we were going to be lucky. it stopped snowing pretty quickly, and our game was later in the day so i thought for sure all the snow would have cleared up. but the morning of game day there still lay a nice blanket of snow on our field, and by the third game, that snow was turned into a nice big mud puddle. this did not play to our strengths, but it worked great for our opponents.
for the most part, my team is pretty small, but we're pretty quick. we excel in the skill positions and we have a nice balance between passing and running. well that balance is lost in the mud. the advantage usually goes to the bigger team that can control the offensive line. that was not us on this day. it was an ugly and sloppy game. there was probably close to 15 fumbles between the two teams. and i, being forced to play quarterback this season, often found myself being slammed into the mud. it was a rough game all around. in the end we came up just a play short, losing 12 to 9.
the second game was the complete opposite. we were blessed with a beautiful 70 degree day. this meant we could actually pass the ball as well as run. on my first pass of the day, i found my little brother kyle (who is driving down 2 hours every morning to play with us) for a nice 30 yard touchdown. i also later ran in a touchdown, threw 2 extra points, and intercepted a pass. we ended up winning the second game 33 to 0.
despite the miserable first game, the second game gets me so excited for the season. we have a good team. our biggest weakness will be quarterback (me). we've got half of the guys back from last year, plus some new studs, including my little bro kyle. we also may or may not have a certain former byu running back who now may play for the bears. i feel a little bad about having a nfl player on our team, but i want to win so i think i'll get over it. thank you stalled nfl labor talks.