Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter hobbies

So this last Sunday evening Scott and I were at my parents and I saw the movie 'Charly' sitting on their shelf. I've seen this movie before, but it had been awhile so we asked to borrow it and took it home with us to watch. This is the movie based on the book by Jack Weyland. It's a really sad story about a couple who meet, fall in love, get married and then the wife dies from cancer. I'd seen it before a few times and have cried the first time I watched it, but after that I knew what happened so it wouldn't really make me cry again. Well I hadn't seen it in awhile, and Scott had never seen it so we decided to watch it just for something to do on a nice relaxing evening together inside. Well, the beginning was all fun and happy, but then the sad part came up. I couldn't hold it in, I was bawling! The tears were just streaming down my face, and Scott got teary eyed himself and kept pulling me closer like I was going to leave him. I guess it hit me so much stronger this time being newly married and watching it from that perspective. I know the movie is all about looking at the eternal perspective and realizing because they got married in the temple, they will be together again. The ride isn't over for them. I'm so grateful for that knowledge that we will be together forever, but it would be so hard to lose them for that time on earth! I hope that nothing like that ever happens to us, but it is nice to know we can look at the eternal perspective and find some comfort in the fact we will always be together.So on a more happier note... Scott and I are addicted to puzzles, Ticket to Ride, Scrabble, and apple crisp. Those are our hobbies as of late anyway, since we can't do much outside in the winter. :) We get caught up doing puzzles for hours before we can tear ourselves away. At the moment we are currently working on a 1000 piece photo mosaic of the world. It's a lot more difficult than I originally thought. We play Ticket to Ride every chance we get, usually at my parents house cuz they own it and we don't. We like to play Scrabble on facebook, and currently are trying to beat my mom by working together, because she's so good!! And we make apple crisp all the time. It's our favorite dessert as of late. It's so good and warm...mmm...I think I want some more tonight. :) he he.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

we shall miss mount stinky

so the greatest thing ever happened.
we've been living in our small little apartment now for a good three and a half months now. crazy how the time flies. it's a cute little place. perfect for amber and i. not too small. not too big. two bedrooms. nice size kitchen and bathroom. best carpet in the complex - sorry jake and katie. :) we have thoroughly enjoyed making these four walls a home to call our own. but in spite of how just about perfect this little place was, it lacked one vital necessity - no washer and dryer! :( we just had an empty closet with washer/ dryer hook-ups that seemed to mock us.
a little too poor to go out shopping for our own brand new set, we started searching the newspaper and internet classified ads, looking for a deal. meanwhile, we took necessary clothes to family members' houses to do a load once in a while. but we took as little as we possibly could, not wanting to ask too much of our loved ones, so the dirty clothes began to pile up. i thought i was a goner once when the pile tipped over on top of me. i lived for two weeks on nothing but lint and some old gummie bears that i found in a pair of dirty pants until amber finally dug me out. :)
well, the blessed day has finally arrived and, as a gift from my sister becca, we finally have a washer and dryer filling our closet now. the poor things have had to work non-stop for the past couple days. never thought i'd enjoy doing laundry, but it feels so good to pull a clean load out and have stuff to wear again. amber had resorted to wearing christmas socks. :)
so maybe it's not "the greatest thing", but it's pretty darn close at this moment in our lives. well gotta go... the dryer just dinged.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The winding road Part 2

So Scott keeps telling me it's my turn to write something. The problem is, I really like this new blogging thing, but I can never think of anything to write about. So this is my first attempt. I'll tell you what happened since the girl in the story (I) said yes. :)
Wedding plans began. Thanks to Scott and my maid of honor, Breanna (both of which I think may be a little o.c.d., he he), our wedding was all layed out and planned after a few weeks. Scott had even drawn out a detailed layout of the reception, including keys on the piano and lights on the bushes. Breanna went with me to find the perfect dress and put together a binder which we labeled the 'wedding bible'. I love having organized friends. :). I'm also very grateful for all the family and friends that volunteered their talents to the wedding.
November 1st came sooner than we realized, but I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. The weather was warm and mostly sunny, but we had a nice layer of clouds which worked great for pictures later on. I woke up pretty early to get my hair done before breakfast. You never realize how much hair you actually have until someone has to curl all of it. It took forever!! We met up with close family and friends at Golden Corral for a relaxed buffet breakfast. It was delicious!
After breakfast, we all headed down to Manti, Utah. The temple was beautiful, and the sealing was wonderful. I can't describe the joy I felt that day. Everything was so amazing. I'm so grateful for the blessings of the temple and being sealed to Scott for time and all eternity.
We took pictures afterwards and you know how wedding photos always take longer than you expect? Ours lasted FOREVER. Scott was ready to leave an hour earlier and we both were anxious to be getting back to setting up our reception. So remember how organized we were? We had everything layed out on paper exactly how we wanted it, and we had everything we needed. The problem was nobody else knew the plans. We had plenty of helpers but nobody to tell them how to do it. Oops. So we finally got away from our photographer and hurried to the Salem Community Center, where we could direct and start setting up for our reception.
The reception was fun, I enjoyed seeing all the family and friends that were able to make it. We did a little dancing, a little talking, ate a little cake...well I mean cheesecake. Yes, I had a cheesecake wedding cake. What do you expect for someone who doesn't like cake? :) And when it was all over we left in Scott's Durango full of balloons that had been blown up and had little notes of love and advice put into them. It was over. What an exhausting but absolutely wonderful day it had been!
For our honeymoon, we took a fun little road trip down to Abilene, Texas. We made a few stops on the way though, at Zions National Park, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Roswell, and the Carlsbad Caverns. We spent a couple days in Abilene, where Scott showed me the sights of where he used to live. We also had a second reception down there which his mom had all planned. On the way back from Texas we made a couple stops in Colorado to visit my siblings that hadn't made it to the wedding, before finally driving back home.
The last three months have flown by as we have settled down and started our lives again as a married couple. It started out pretty busy as we planned for the holidays, went to a few friends' weddings and then celebrated the new year. Thanksgiving was spent with Scott's family up in Ogden where we enjoyed eating lots of good food, and playing games. Our first Christmas was sweet and memorable. Scott worked the night before so I made sure I was awake when he got home and we enjoyed our own little Christmas morning just the two of us. Later Christmas day was spent mostly with my family for dinner and a few games and dessert, and then later up to his sister Becca's for some more fun.
We've kept busy since with new year resolutions and making our house a home. We love our apartment and are lucky to have our good friends move in just downstairs. Life keeps going and I'm continually reminded at how blessed I am. I'm so grateful for a husband that loves me and has all the patience in the world.
We'll keep you posted about all the events and little things that make us happy or sad or even those little things that just make us giggle :)