Wednesday, February 17, 2010

we heart steak

one more day of love has come and gone, and with it, an opportunity to blog. this makes amber and my third valentines together, and i fear i am already losing the flair for the romance. lucky for me, amber is not.
i suppose cupid's weekend for us began when amber got home from work saturday afternoon. awaiting her were a dozen yellow roses. being the studly casanova that i am, i was drooling and snoring away in bed when she got home, so amber came in and woke me the best way possible - with a soft kiss and a whispered "i love you."
it took me a bit to get up and going, but when i did, i found amber being very secretive on the computer. i figured it was a surprise, so i didn't try to be too nosey, but amber is thankfully like me and can't keep a secret. she caved and told me she was looking up how to cook a steak without the use of a grill. amber and i both love a good chunk of beef, but neither of us have ever donned the goofy looking white hat and claimed the title of master chef. we had no idea how to cook a steak, but amber was going to try sunday evening, just for me. isn't she wonderful? :)
well i was off to work and amber was off to bed, or so i thought. when i returned home twelve hours later, i was welcomed by a living room decorated in hearts, with a giant valentines card adorned with candy sitting on the coffee table. oh how i grinned. my cheeks hurt now while i write this. made me feel a bit bad that all i did was buy her some cheap flowers. i guess i have to let her win some years. :) she definitely did this year.
after church and my nap, i arose and amber let me help her cook the steaks. after looking through a million different recipes and hearing thousands of tips and ideas, we decided to broil our sirloins. what an adventure! neither of us were even quite sure what a broiler was, and definitely not how to work one. we weren't even entirely sure where it was on our oven, but after a little exploring, we discovered it way down under the oven, basically on the floor.
well we rubbed our raw meat with our chosen spices and did a quick searing job to keep the juices in, or so we're told. we then plopped our steaks on the broiler pan and laid on the floor to keep a close eye on the cooking process because we hear that broiling can cause meat to periodically burst into flames! it's just not real cooking unless your life is at risk! well we experienced no flash fires, backdrafts, or random fireballs (to my slight disappointment), and a few minutes later we had our candle lit table ready for a romantic meal. we probably cooked our steaks a little long, but i thought it was delicious. and we definitely appreciated the short time it took to cook such a great meal.
to cap off our valentines weekend, we went to olive garden the next evening for another romantic meal together. i do love good food. but even more than that, i do love my good wife. valentines is not the biggest holiday for us, but it is nice to stop and celebrate our love for each other in a slightly more special way than we normally do. it's funny to think this is the last valentines day for us that won't involve a booster chair or a kid's menu. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Cool New Blog Book

So this is our cool new blog book. :)

When we started our blog, I worried a little bit about what would happen to all of our blogs when or if we stopped or had to quit writing them. I wouldn't want our memories and stories to just be erased. So when our friend showed us her cool blog book, we decided that was exactly what we wanted to do! It's a very neat web site ( that lets you upload all your blogs and pictures, put together your book, and then they print it out for you and send it your way. Others can order the book too, it's so cool! :) We actually like the idea of doing a book every year that we blog. I'm not much of a scrapbooker, and it's actually cheaper than having to get all the supplies you need for scrapbooking. Cool, huh? :) Now we just have to blog enough during the year to make it book worthy...:)

Other news...we just had our 16 week doctor appointment yesterday. We heard the heart beat again and he said everything sounds good, he just told me to gain more weight. Funny, hearing a doctor tell you not to worry about eating too much fat at this point, but to just gain weight. He said eat healthy of course, but don't worry about counting calories and everything (not that I ever did that before). He seemed to be under the impression that I must not want to get bigger...boy is he wrong! I can't wait to feel and look more pregnant! I've heard from some people that for their first, the belly didn't come until the 6th or 7th month, but I have other friends that started showing already. I hope my belly comes sooner rather than later! :)

Also, remember our shelf we painted and put up on our wall a few months ago? We've had a few different displays since then, but here is a picture of our latest, Valentines display. :)