Saturday, October 31, 2015

Frozen Halloween

Our Halloween day started out with the kids and I meeting up with Scott at his championship football game. They won and we celebrated by going out for lunch with his brother Kyle and cousin Millie. During quiet time we finished putting costumes together and went outside to take pictures. This year our theme was "Frozen", chosen of course by Claire. She had her Elsa dress already, and Everett wanted to be Olaf so that left Scott and Me as Kristoff and Anna and of course Seth made a cute Sven. :) We crashed the trunk-or-treat down in Spanish Fork again. Everett got so excited with each piece of candy put in his bag. He maybe had a total of 5 pieces when he looked up at me with huge eyes and said "Look at how much candy I have mom!!" Later, when his bag was pretty full he commented to me about how he was going to eat all his candy. :) We also had to make our rounds around our neighborhood going door to door. Kids are getting better and better at this trick or treat thing every year. :) Seth wasn't too happy about pictures, but he napped well most of the evening. :)


it was a good year of football for me. earlier in the spring i was in three different leagues at once, playing in the uvu league once again, another flag league up in salt lake, and my tackle league. we dominated the uvu league, but lost a close game in the semi-finals of the playoffs, again. the salt lake league was rough. we probably had 8 different guys play qb at some point during the season. when we had everyone there, we were a good team, but the commitment level wasn't there for most guys so it was tough. in the first round of the playoffs we lost to a team that we had previously beaten because we were a man down for quite a bit of the game. the tackle league was rough. the qb and i never seemed to get any kind of groove going, and i finished the regular season with no touchdowns. the post-season started with a rematch of our final game of the regular season, a game we lost 40 to 6. with no one expecting us to win, we shocked the league and won that game 12 to 6. our qb finally decided to give me some chances, and i was lucky enough to take advantage of it. i ended with four big catches for 75 yards (more than i had all year), including a huge 4th-and-long conversion and two tds, the second being the game winner with less than 30 seconds to go. i had to miss the next game of the playoffs, which my team sadly lost because of our lack of players, but it was a sweet end to the season for me.

during the summer, we played in the uvu summer league, and we utterly dominated. we went on a streak of five games in a row with no one scoring on us, which is especially impressive considering that flag football is more wide open and generally more high scoring. well we found ourselves in the championship game once again, but after the first half, we found ourselves down by a touchdown to a team that we had beaten twice earlier by a combined score of 72 to 6. i couldn't help but think i'm cursed or something, always destined to finish second best. but we came out firing in the second half, and quickly regained the lead. i myself had two second half touchdowns and we were able to claim the uvu championship. i finally got myself an intramural championship t-shirt. :)

with my change in work schedule, i was unable to play in any weekday leagues during the fall season, so i just focused on my weekend tackle league. i think we had a lot of great pieces, but we were in desperate need of a quarterback to bring it all together. so we went recruiting. we went through quite a few potential qbs, but no success. then one of our guys recruited a handful of players, who then in turn recruited a handful of players, who then in turn recruited another handful of players, which finally got us a great qb, along with a very full roster. it was a little much, and quite the struggle to keep everyone happy, but i think we found a way to make it work. it was a good season. we definitely had our moments of trials. we lost a game in the final seconds. we suffered a tie in the most random of ways when our qb forgot to take a knee at the end of the game and they just took the ball from him. but we ended the season as the #1 seed, and eventually found ourselves in the championship game against the defending two-time champions. it was a rough game, full of mistakes and turnovers. but i ended up catching the only offensive touchdown of the game and we ended up winning the trophy! it was rough sacrificing a bit of personal success and glory, but winning the championship made it all better. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

painting pumpkins

it's that wonderful time of year again where we get to enjoy holiday after holiday, and thus fun activity after fun activity, which means you get to enjoy blog after blog. :) for a halloween family home evening we got to paint and carve pumpkins. i saw online a new method for cleaning out pumpkins with a drill and a mixer attachment. it was okay, but nothing amazing. 
well the kids painted their pumpkins beautifully at first, but just kept painting so they just turned into a big mess. amber did olaf to go along with our costume theme this year (frozen) and i did my football team's logo since i had a championship game on halloween morning. we must have got some bad pumpkins or something because they didn't last too long (amber's was molding the very next day), but as always, it was a fun time making some big messes and getting into the halloween spirit.

Two Months

1. Seth is two months old!

2. At his two month appointment, he weighed 12 lbs 11 oz. and was 23 and a half inches long.

3. This puts him in the 62nd percentile for weight and 72nd for height. :)

4. Seth is sleeping really well, for a baby. The first month he was probably waking me up every 2-3 hours, which is pretty normal. But since then, he's progressively slept longer and the longest he's gone is about 7 hours at night which is so nice for mommy! :) He doesn't nap as well in his car seat as my other babies so napping at church has been a little difficult, but at home he's great at falling asleep on his own in his crib. When he gets fussy, all I have to do is swaddle him and give him his paci and he settles down. :)

5. Seth and I had a rough start to nursing. I assumed that because I knew what I was doing and Everett had picked it up so quickly and easily that nursing wasn't going to be a problem with my third. I didn't realize it's a learning process for each baby as well. I was pretty sore for awhile and wanted to cry every time I nursed, because of the pain. Eventually he got it though and he's gained enough weight to prove it. :)

6. Babies sneeze a lot. Or at least Seth does. I noticed this more with him though because he would do this really cute sigh after a potential sneeze. He'd sneeze a couple times and then get all ready for another but then when it didn't come, he'd let out an adorable little sigh. It makes me giggle every time. I love it. He still does it too. :)

7. Seth is super talkative. He coos and talks to me all the time. Mostly happy coos, but he does angry coos as well. When I'm not paying enough attention to him or he's not happy he'll let me know, not by crying exactly but with grumpy sounding coos. The doctor got an earful of those coos when he was checking up on his leg and hip movement. Seth did not like it and initially cried, but afterwards he was cooing kind of grumpy towards the doctor throughout the rest of his visit. Don't know if it's true or not but the doctor said it was advanced behavior. :)

8. I feel like all my babies are gassy babies. Seth is no exception. He had a couple rough weeks where he was obviously uncomfortable and hurting from bubbles. He would cry and grunt and toot and be happy for a short period of time until another bubble bothered him. Now he's not as fussy about it but he still grunts and toots all the time, especially in his sleep. Scott says he hears him sometimes all during the night, "grunt grunt grunt, toot. grunt grunt grunt, toot." He takes after his daddy. ;)

9. So I swear Seth gave me some real smiles around 3 weeks. They were rare and spaced days apart, and after looking online to see when babies really start smiling, I second guessed them to maybe being accidental smiles, but I still think he was an early smiler. :) I couldn't prove he was smiling though because for the longest time, whenever I brought out a camera he'd stop smiling and stare at it in wonder.

10. Seth has been a joy to have in our family. Claire and Everett have warmed up to him so well. Claire is so helpful and knows just how to offer him his paci so he'll take it without shoving it into his mouth. She also would sing songs to him while I changed his diaper because as a newborn, he hated getting his diaper changed. He'd usually scream and cry, but not when she sang. :) Everett may have had a harder time with the change and acted up a little, but he's always shown excitement and curiosity towards Seth. He loves to help get things for me and he laughs if he catches Seth looking at him. The whole "three kids" thing is hard, but we're learning and we just love our baby boy Seth.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

pumpkin patch

We went on our annual pumpkin patch play date. My sister Heidi came with us which ended up being so helpful since I'm still learning how to juggle three kids when I go out on my own. :) We enjoyed hay mazes, the corn pool, seeing some farm animals (and a kangaroo!) and going on a hay ride. It was super sunny and hot but so much fun! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Early October we took our first road trip as a family of five. Friday afternoon we took Claire out of school a little bit early and headed up to Salt Lake. While Scott headed off to work, we stayed and played with Scott's sister, Becca. Scott works up in Salt Lake now, and with his football game Saturday morning also up in Salt Lake, we thought it would be a convenient and fun start to the weekend to have a sleepover! The kids loved it and actually went to sleep quicker than they do at home. :)
The next day, after Scott's game, we headed up to Green River, Wyoming to visit my sister April and her family. Seth did pretty well on the drive. We had to stop and nurse him once about twenty minutes before we got there, but we found this nice rest stop that had a playground and sold ice cream cones, so it was a fun little break. When we got to April's house, we ate a quick dinner and headed to the park. My sister's husband was being deployed the next week and they wanted some family pictures before he left. We had a fun evening playing at the park, taking pictures, and spending time with family. We went to church with them the next day and headed home that evening. The ride home was a little trickier. My brother-in-law is lending us his vehicle while he's being deployed, so we drove back home in two cars. We're so grateful for his service to our country and for being such a wonderful father and husband to my sister. It was a fun weekend and we enjoyed spending time with family. :)