Wednesday, September 22, 2010

grandma bergstrom

i did not know my grandmother well. definitely not as well as others knew her. i never saw her as the adorable daughter, as the beautiful young woman, as the loving wife, or as the caring mother. i rarely got to see her as the spoiling grandma. i was too far removed. distance played a factor. i didn't get to see her much. texas and california are too far apart for frequent visits. but visits did occur. and the phone was never too far away. i suppose i never really got to know my grandma because i get too caught up in my own life. what a sad thing that is to say. i suppose the old adage is true - you don't know what you got til it's gone.
we made the drive over to california just in time to meet mom and dad at the airport. this marked the first time that my parents got to meet their newest grandchild, emily. while mom smothered becca and amber in hugs, dad made his way straight to me so that he could hold emily. he knew that once mom got a hold of her, he wasn't going to get another chance. amber and i quickly began to fear the same. :)
grandma bergstrom's funeral was the next day. it was a beautiful tribute to a woman who has blessed innumerable lives. stories were told, music was shared, tears were shed, smiles were... smiled. :) luella bergstrom was buried on a hill beside the love of her life and eternal companion, gordon. the overlooking view of the city was beautiful. the following days were spent together as a family, telling stories of the great woman who brought us all together. i never knew my grandma could hit a curve ball. :) i never knew a lot.
i don't recall ever speaking with my Father in Heaven face to face. i couldn't tell you what He looks like. i couldn't say what His voice sounds like. but i can say i know Him. i see Him in his many creations. i see Him in miracles and wonders. i have come to know Him as i have come to know those He has touched.
my grandmother was a truly great woman. i know that because i know the people she has touched. i have seen those wonderful individuals she has raised and those she has befriended. my uncle and my many aunts. my cousins. and especially (to me at least) my own wonderful mother, who has taught me so that i know without a doubt that families are eternal. i look forward to the day i can take a walk with my grandma and hear all those stories i missed out on in this life. maybe we'll play some catch.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Smile Is A Curve That Sets Everything Straight

Our baby is smiling! She has been for a couple weeks now, it's just hard to catch them on camera. But these are the real thing! No more of just those gas smiles or sleep smiles (which are still adorable too), these are real! And they just melt our hearts. Have we told you how much we love this girl? ...Cuz we love her a lot!!! :)