Monday, January 31, 2011


So I admit we are a little behind in making our resolutions for the new year, but better late than not at all, right? :) I actually have been thinking a lot about resolutions this whole month, so I haven't completely put them on the back burner. I usually start out well, but as the year progresses... well you know what happens. So this year, I thought I'd write a monthly blog about my progress for a few of my goals, to keep me going. I figured if I knew I needed to write a blog post about my goals, I'd have an incentive to work on them. :)
Every year I feel like I make the same goals... work out, eat better, go to bed earlier, blah blah blah. Those are still on my resolution list, but for this blog post I'm going to focus on just these 3 goals:

1. Complete a project every month
2. Cook something new every month
3. Do a photo shoot every month

Hopefully what I've heard is true... practice makes perfect... I'll learn more and get better in these areas. :)

I've recently found this blog that I love reading, called Enjoying the Small Things. I love the pictures, I love her optimism and her writing and her stories from her life. I was reading one of her blogs from awhile ago and read this,

"No one really does it all. We all just try like heck to prioritize, be with our kids, fulfill our hobbies, make a living, etc. We all do it differently, and every time you see a mama shining in one area, I promise you, there's shadowy areas that she'll need to tend to later. And I love the fact that every day is a clean slate. Even on the busiest, craziest days, there are small fueling moments that allow the bulk of life to rise to the top."

I thought about this as I was setting my goals for the year. I see others and think wow, they're so good at keeping their house clean, or making clothes and crafts, or actually starting businesses, or inviting family and friends over for dinners and being more social, etc. I find myself wanting to be like them. But I can't do it all all the time, I can try little by little to improve in certain areas though.

So now on to my January goals...

1. Complete a project. I've actually completed 3 and a half projects this month... go me! :) Scott got me a sewing machine for Christmas and so I was able to first make this jean skirt for Claire out of a pair of baby jeans.

I'm not sure how long they'll last before the stitching totally falls apart, and if you look really close you would totally see how uneven and funky they are, but I don't care. I made something for my baby! :)
Actually all 3 of my projects are for my baby. The second thing I made was a crinkle toy. She loved it for a total of 1 day... now she'll grab it occasionally, but it's not as fascinating to her. :)

The third project I finished was a bow and headband holder for all of Claire's bows. :) I just got a frame from d.i., glued on fabric and ribbon and screwed in some hooks into the sides. Now I just have to remember to actually put headbands and bows on Claire. She usually only wears them to church. :)

2. Cook something new. So I have to admit, I'm not the best cook and it's not something I really love doing either. I enjoy cooking with people, especially with Scott. It's fun being in the kitchen together making dinner or some goody. It's just not something I would do as a past-time by myself. I would like to learn how to make some new dishes though so we're not always making the same things. However, this month I have to admit, since I put it off until today I just kept it simple. So last minute I found a quick easy recipe for peanut butter fudge. It was a fun yummy ending to our FHE tonight. :)

3. Do a photo shoot. Scott had a friend from work who asked if I'd take pictures of their family for them. It was fun learning and practicing on people other than my family, although somewhat scarier too. You can look here though if you want to see the pictures from that photo shoot. By the way, since I'll be wanting to do a photo shoot a month, I need people willing to let me take pictures of them... let me know if you want to help me out with that! :)

Well that's it for this month. Wow, this is a long post! Usually Scott's the writer and I just post pictures. Hope I didn't bore you, but this is basically for my own benefit. Thanks for reading though if you did. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sick Baby

This last week Claire has just about had all she can take of these...

She's gotten so mad at me this last week (for trying to make it easier for her to breathe!). She's done everything in her power to keep them away from her, crying, screaming, wiggling, shaking her head, kicking and pushing me away... but I always know she's forgiven me cuz she still manages to give me the best smiles afterward. :)

And today she actually took her naps like normal so the end of this cold is in sight (I hope)! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Typical Day

I thought it'd be interesting to write a blog about our typical day, more for our sake than for our readers. Claire's schedule is going to be changing soon I'm sure, she'll either start taking shorter or fewer naps and our activities will probably change and so it'll be fun to look back and see how we spent our time at this stage in her life. :)

Scott comes home from work

7:30-8:00 Claire wakes up and Scott plays with her for a bit to let me sleep in a little longer.

8:00 I get up and feed Claire

8:20 Scott goes to bed

8:30-9:00 I try to get Claire to play in her jumper while I eat breakfast and then pump. If she doesn't want to play in her jumper, I usually wait to do those things until she goes down for a nap. And then I'll sing silly songs with her and play with her in my lap instead.

9:15-9:30 Claire gets grumpy and I put her down for her first nap

9:30-11:30 Claire usually sleeps the whole 2 hours and I get things done... showering, cleaning, sometimes a work out on the wii, sometimes I work on a project or craft (at the moment I'm working on crocheting a little purse) or on my really lazy days I end up playing on the computer the whole time and wonder why she's already awake. I try to remember to eat lunch before she wakes up too. :)

11:30-12:00 Feed Claire and get her dressed.

12:00-1:00 Play. I usually put her on the floor with all her toys and try to give her as much tummy time as she'll let me. Now that she's figured out how to roll from her tummy to her back she'll flip as soon as she's put down so I have to lay with her and keep flipping her back. Sometimes we'll go out and run errands or visit family but since it's so cold outside we usually stay inside where it's warm.

1:00 Claire starts getting grumpy so I put her down for her second nap. This nap varies, but it's usually about an hour or an hour and a half long. While she sleeps I'll try to do whatever I didn't get done the first time.

2:30 Claire wakes up and I feed her.

3:00 Scott usually wakes up around this time and gets ready for the day/night.

3:00-5:00 Depending on the day and if Scott has class, we'll either play until he leaves for class or go and run errands if he doesn't have class.

5:00 Scott goes to class, Claire goes down for another nap. I usually relax and play on the computer or watch a show (right now I've been watching Eureka), and I have a pre dinner snack. (If Scott doesn't have class we'll usually start making dinner together around 5:30)

6:00 I maybe start on dinner, Claire usually wakes up and I feed her first. I nurse her and then feed her a little solids. (If Scott didn't have class we'll eat all together at the table, Claire in her bumbo.)

7:00 Scott gets home from class and he usually finishes making what I started, or makes it all while I give Claire a bath, or plays with Claire so I can finish making dinner.

7:30 We eat dinner and then I feed Claire

8:00 I put Claire to bed. I put her pajamas on, read her a story, rock her and sing a song and lay her down and leave the room. I'll sometimes need to go back in after to return her pacifier to her mouth, and pat her until she's calm. She usually falls asleep pretty quickly though.

8:30-9:45 Cuddle time with Scott (love this time!)

9:45-10:10 Pray, read scriptures together and make Scott's lunch.

10:10 Scott goes to work and I get ready for bed. Scott and I text each other a little before I fall asleep.

11:00 Sleep! :)

and because every blog post needs a picture...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Please Mom...Can I Have Some More?

A couple days after Christmas we decided to feed Claire her first bit of rice cereal. As you can see, we think she liked it! :)