Wednesday, April 30, 2014


For FHE the week before Easter we tried to teach our two kids a little bit about our Savior Jesus Christ and about the Atonement. It was a short lesson and I'm not sure how much they understood, but we want them to know how grateful we are for Jesus Christ and for all that he's done for us.

Our Easter celebrations started on Saturday when we got to dye some eggs. Everett was pretty interested in this activity, much more so than Claire in past years. He chose to color at least 5 eggs. Claire, with the help of her cousins, also colored a few. :)

The next morning, the kids woke up early and found their baskets (not hidden very well). They each got a few eggs with some candy and a new little toy.

We got dressed in our new Easter clothes and went outside to take some pictures. Claire and Everett weren't very excited about getting their picture taken though so I didn't get too many. We hurried back home for lunch and it was off to church we went. We enjoyed the songs and testimonies we heard that day about our Savior. The primary children went up to sing a song and Claire got a little scared and didn't want to go up at first. Near the end of the song she decided she wanted to go up and sing, but then when she realized she missed her chance she got pretty sad and we had to take her out to cheer her back up. :( After church we headed over to family for Easter dinner. We watched an Easter video and spent time talking and playing with cousins. Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blood Moon

A couple weeks ago, after putting kids to bed, I was sitting on the couch looking at Facebook when I see a beautiful picture of the full moon taken by my sister-in-law. She said she was getting ready for the total lunar eclipse that would happen that night. I definitely wasn't planning on staying up to see it since it wouldn't start until 1 in the morning, and if I hadn't seen that picture I wouldn't have even realized that it ever happened. But I did see that picture, and being the photographer that I am, I felt the desire to go and try to capture at least a picture of the full moon since I wasn't going to be up for the eclipse. So I did. Scott joined me and after fiddling with my camera settings, I was pretty happy with my picture. Then I went to bed not really expecting to get up again. Scott however being the night owl that he is decided to stay up and watch. When the eclipse began Scott decided to wake me up and let me know just in case I wanted to see. I said no and he left, but I couldn't fall back to sleep right away cuz I did kind of want to see. So I got up again, and of course had to fiddle with camera settings and everything to try to get the perfect picture. I didn't get much sleep that night, but it was something fun and out of the normal routine. Scott and I enjoyed watching the eclipse together too. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dance Dance

Ever since Claire first fell in love with dancing, we have really wanted to put her in a dance class. So when we found this 6-week dance class through our city's rec center for 3-5 year olds, we decided to go for it. We talked to her a little about it before she went and she was so excited she couldn't hold her excitement in. :)

right before her first class
Parents were only allowed in to watch the first and last day and my camera battery died right at the beginning of the first class, so I don't have many pictures throughout the 6 weeks. They had enough girls in the class though that they split them into two classes. Claire was in the younger class. It was a lot more about getting them moving and exploring different kinds of music than really teaching them to dance which was exactly what we wanted. She loved it! :)

For the final dance class they combined the two classes again (I think Claire's teacher was sick), which is why in the video there are some with matching blue skirts and some without. Claire wasn't quite used to the teacher and the different activities they did, but I don't think it mattered. If you watch the video I think you can see she still had a blast. :)