Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Claire's Two!

Our Claire Bear turned two years old. I can't believe how fast this last year flew by. Her birthday didn't start out too busy. We wanted to make a two-shaped cake but wasn't sure how and couldn't find any pans to help so Scott put together his own with cardboard and tin foil. I think it actually turned out really good. We decorated it with yellow frosting and sprinkles because Claire is obsessed with everything yellow these days (she only wants to use the yellow plate, or yellow spoon, etc.).

We had our family in the area come over to celebrate with us that evening. We had pizza and presents and cake and ice cream. :) Claire loved the attention and ripped open her presents with gusto! :)

I guess with two birthday celebrations this summer right before hers, she knew exactly what to do when it came to blowing out her candles. :)

and eating cake...

We also had a photo shoot earlier in the week. I think it turned out pretty well. Here are some of our favorites. :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reunion in a Courthouse

July was a busy month for us. The weekend right after Pioneer day we headed to Junction, Utah for a family reunion. It was an extended family reunion for the Asays (my mom's side), but considering it was mostly our immediate family that came, we considered it as our McClellan reunion for the year.

Junction, Utah is a very small town (population: 149). We stayed in an old courthouse that had been remodeled into a reunion type inn or hotel of some sort. Don't believe me? Here's Claire trying to decide if her dad is guilty or not. :)

They had a bunch of toys and things to play with outside and inside, all for our use. It was pretty fun. I think one of Claire's favorite parts was the bike taxicab. She would climb up and sit down and just wait for someone to come along and see her cute smile and ride her around the courthouse.
We had s'mores the first evening we were there.

The next day we got out the croquet set and started playing a couple games. We weren't sure how to actually play the game at first and had to get some directions, and I'm still not sure we played it totally right, but it was fun anyway. :)

As you can see... Claire cheats and I hit the ball a totally different way than everybody else. :)

I'm not sure what we're doing here... some sort of Olympic line up gone weird. April won the first game, I was second, and Heather came in third. It kind of looks like we're about to attack April though...

The rest of Friday it rained off and on. We had some loud thunder and lightning, which was pretty cool. We played lots of games inside though.

And then, Saturday morning we stayed to see the parade go by. Compared to the Spanish Fork parade (that we had just seen earlier that week), the Junction parade was so small it was a little funny to see. They do make up for it though by throwing tons of candy to the kids. It may have lasted 10 or 15 minutes. :)

Some random pictures from the reunion...

We had a blast and it was so fun seeing all the family that came. We wished more family could've made it. :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

pioneer day

growing up in texas, pioneer day was nothing more than a primary activity saturday morning and a couple talks on sunday. in utah, it's quite a different day. parades, fireworks, holiday pay... it's like two independence days in the same month! so much fun. we woke up early tuesday morning and headed down to spanish fork for the parade. claire has never shown any interest in parades before, but this year she got pretty excited for it. she loved seeing the horses and the loud noises and the balloons and the "princesses" and all the candy that they were throwing.

after the parade we ran a few errands, then headed home for naps. after naps we headed back down to spanish fork for some more festivities. my brother barbequed for us, then we hung out while the kids ran around and played. we then took a walk over to the fair and checked out the vendors. we then walked over to the park and got comfortable before the fireworks went off.

the fireworks didn't actually begin until very late, and claire (as did her parents) had a very long day, so we left for home a tiny bit before the fireworks were done. we all were pretty happy to hit the sack that night. it was a wonderful day and i can't wait for many pioneer days to come. :)