Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home makeover: Brysons' kitchen edition

Have we mentioned how much we love our apartment? The minute we walked in and looked around, we wanted it. (I won't mention how close it was to our wedding and how desperate we were to find a nice, clean place in our price range!) We love it though. We love being in a BYU ward, we love our neighbors, we have great landlords, we love our carpet, ect... :) It's hard to believe we've almost been here for a year! ...and we are still putting up this or that to make it more "our place". :)
This last week, Scott and I found a project to work on. We have this big, open kitchen which I love, but not being the best interior decorators we didn't know what to do with it. We had numerous possibilities I suppose...but on a cheap budget, no good ideas...we finally had decided we wanted to put up a nice shelf on the big open wall, but all the shelves we found that we liked were almost $60! We kept looking around though and found just a wooden shelf at Roberts for 50% off so it was only like $ much better! We bought some paint and brushes for less than $5 and started our first real crafty project. We felt so clever! :) It was fun and I think we did a pretty good job if I do say so myself...besides forgetting to rinse out our paintbrushes between coats that is...oops!
Anyway, we put it up on the wall and here it is...what do you think? :)
Now all we need to do is figure out what to put on our little shelf...any suggestions? We're thinking maybe some cute block letters saying different things that we can change for holidays or something? I'm also thinking one of our next projects needs to be to replace these old gross curtains that were already here before us. Anyone have cheap, easy ideas for making curtains or other decorating tips?? :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

amber's friday night lights

this is a first. i do not believe i have ever written about a football game i hadn’t played in. as funny as it sounds, i must say that i don’t particularly love watching other people play football. if there’s football to be played, i need to be the one playing it. but all that changes when i am given the chance to watch the most beautiful girl in the world play my game. yes, you guessed it – it is now amber’s turn to lace up the cleats, strap on the gloves, and get down and dirty playing some football! (okay, so no cleats and gloves, but i’m trying to talk her into it. :) )
i have to admit and apologize that i am not nearly as good of a fan as amber is for me – i completely forgot to bring the camera to the first game! i am ashamed. but i hope i partially made amends for my failure by taking plenty of pictures at game number two.
amber was invited to play by an old college roommate who was getting a team together for byu intramurals. the team consists of amber, her friend, and a handful of girls from the byu social program. i’m sure these ladies have numerous wonderful qualities and strengths, but football is not one of them. :) of course i’m a biased judge, but amber is definitely one of the only players who has any idea how football is played. unfortunately for the team, the ladies signed up late and were placed in the upper division, so the first two games haven’t quite gone our way. we’re still awaiting the lab results on some drug tests for steroids on some of those teams.
in the meanwhile, amber is having fun getting out there and running around, getting some exercise, and being part of a team. the team has some huge quarterbacking concerns (huge), so amber has yet to get a catch, but she has most definitely shined on defense. she is an excellent rusher and has forced numerous bad throws from the opposing quarterbacks. her biggest defensive highlight came in the first game as the other team ran a designed handoff to the left. amber chased the play down and made an amazing diving grab of the flags, stopping the play for a loss. i was personally out of my seat and five feet in the air out of excitement.
well the season is young and there’s a lot of football to be played yet. the girls definitely have potential and should get better as the season goes on. i must say that i love watching my beautiful wife play. i am so proud of her and love her so much more than she could ever possibly love me. thank you amber for being the thrill of my life. :x

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the complete sherlock holmes, vol. 1 - sir arthur conan doyle

"elementary, my dear watson." undoubtedly you could name the speaker of these famous words even if the answer wasn't given to you in the title of this blog. while those exact words were never actually spoken by the most famous detective of english literature, they do go a long way in describing the resident of 221b baker street and his unparalleled eye for observation, making the obscure seem obvious. this particular collection of his most famous adventures consisted of 23 short stories, as well as 3 longer ones. it began with 'a study in scarlet', which was well written and an intriguing story, but left me very disappointed for describing the people of my religion in a very radical way. i did discover that the author later deeply apologized for his very inaccurate portrayal of the mormons, but it's sad that his erroneous description will forever hinder the cause of the gospel concerning those impressionable readers who take the story as based on facts.
after my initial disappointment, sherlock soon regained my favor over the course of his many adventures. they were simple, easy to read, and fun. i found it enjoyable trying to solve the many mysteries as they played out before me, striving to do so before holmes would reveal all at the end of each tale. although i found all the stories to be good reads, i must single out for recommendation the final story of this collection, and most famous of sherlock holmes tales, 'the hound of the baskervilles'. while each story before it presented its fair share of intrigue and mystery, 'the hound' had me completely captivated, eagerly turning the pages to discover the next little twist of the story. if you read but one tale of sherlock holmes in your lifetime, make it this one.
as the adventures of mr. holmes and dr. watson drew to a close, amber and i began to watch the television series 'monk', about an ocd detective with a very similar gift of observation and deduction. between the book and the series, i find myself striving to look closer at the world around me, seeking to realize some great answer to an unknown question. the only thing i have been able to deduce is that i think my milk has gone bad. i guess we can't all be detective geniuses. :)