Friday, January 30, 2009

thank you clifford for the lesson learned

i learned a long time ago that the way to make a story better is to add pictures, so i've gone back and added just a few to our earlier posts just to add some color. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

the winding road

our story begins a bit more slowly than others.
in the summer of '05, scott found his way to spanish fork, utah from his home in abilene, texas. that january, amber followed him (although she didn't know she was following at the time) from her home in mission viejo, california, via college in rexburg, idaho. both being very shy individuals, it took them some time to even become acquaintances, but by the summer of '06, amber and scott both were members of the exclusive club known simply as foma. while they found themselves in the same circle of friends, amber and scott were not the closest at the time. it took some time, as well as some lessons learned, before the two of them began to grow closer.
in may of '07, amber and scott began to set apart their mondays as a special day where the two of them would just "hang out". this was scott's way of avoiding building up the courage it would take to actually ask amber out. as evidenced by this blog, "monday hang outs" proved to be a huge success. with the exclusive time spent together, the two found themselves becoming better and better friends, which slowly started to grow into something more. by that december, both amber and scott knew there was something more between them than just friendship, but both feared losing that friendship by pursuing anything more. but it has been said that nothing great was ever achieved where no risk was taken, so one late december night, the two spoke, sharing fears and hopes, and ultimately decided to give dating a try.
scott was very eager at the time to seal the deal with a kiss, but amber, not willing to give away her first kiss so quickly to a boy she had been dating all of twelve minutes, told him he would have to wait. one night, a short time before christmas, they both agreed that he would wait two weeks before he went in for the kiss. late christmas day, one day short of the required two weeks, scott decided it was close enough and asked amber if she would hate him if he kissed her now. she said no, and so late that christmas evening, the two shared their first kiss together.
the months passed, not without a trial or two, but with more joy than either had ever experienced before. as the relationship grew, those three words were still not spoken yet. while both knew that it was true for some time before, the words remained unsaid until one night in june. cuddled up in the same place where they had decided to date and shared their first kiss, scott finally told amber that he loved her, which was welcomed with a joyful tear and the sentiment returned.
with those two major obstacles out of the way, more and more often the subject of marriage was spoken of. with a trip to the temple or two and more than a few prayers uttered on bended knee, amber and scott felt more and more comfortable about the idea. soon enough, scott was absolutely sure that amber was who he wanted to spend eternity with. the tough part was deciding how to trick her into saying yes.
on saturday, august 16th, the day started a little more unusually than others, but nothing could prepare amber for the evening to come. amber and scott were in the midst of a busy weekend. the singles ward was hosting a multiple day campout, while at the same time, scott had a flag football tournament to participate in. as they juggled the two events, scott was also having to plan that saturday so that amber would be completely wooed into saying yes. the saturday began early, both awaking in their separate tents. camp was taken down, and then off to a water park to conclude the singles ward's big weekend of fun. from there, scott asked amber if she would like to go with his family to the thanksgiving point gardens. amber became a little suspicious that something might be up, but thought it was too busy of a weekend for him to have planned a proposal. the thanksgiving point gardens were beautiful, which was to hopefully set a romantic mood for the evening. both being very tired at that point, but scott still needing to waste some time before the night's event began, they went for a drive.
the drive eventually took them to sundance, where that evening ski lift rides up the mountain under the full moon were being offered. scott had assumed this ride would include a stop at the top of the mountain, which is where he planned to propose, but once he realized it was a non-stop ride up and down the mountain, his mind began to race. feeling it a necessity to be on bended knee, he began to consider his options. he could get up on the lift and kneel down there, but the thought of falling 50 feet to his death, or worse, dropping the ring, put a damper on that idea. so once they got off the ride, scott pretended to want to walk around sundance for a bit to see the sights. not really knowing where he was going, dragging poor confused amber along behind him, needing to find a place alone, what a humorous sight they must have been.
under the ruse that he wanted to "steal a kiss", they finally found a spot alone. they sat down next to each other on an old wooden bench. they kissed a nervous kiss. and with all the courage he had, scott knelt down on a shaking knee, stumbled to pull out a ring from his pocket, and after way too long, finally asked amber rose mcclellan if she would marry him. and she, with more than a few tears in her beautiful eyes, said yes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

(As dictated by Scott) in America. (thump, thump) There came a rapping at the door. then, we realized doctor Dre had come to visit us. We said " WAZ UPP!!! DOCTOR DRE!" Then, he stole my tv. Bradwurst. Bratwurst?? That's what you thought I said? Actually I like where that's going with that. he he. DO I HE HE? I'm more of a HA HA kind of guy. Are you just writing everything I say? KARATE EXPLOSION!! Scott loves pizza more. You misspelled your name (whisper). ...(blink, blink) ... KARATE EXPLOSION AGAIN! this is cool. hughmmm....I'd like to see you type that one. shoohueoo What is that? Shoe horn? (Kiss) Kiss. Post.