Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day of Thanks

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year to remember the things that we are grateful for. Recently we had a power surge that hit our apartment and we lost a few of our luxuries of life. While we do miss our toys, we are thankful for the opportunity to focus on the things that really matter and are important to us. This year we decided to make a list of a few of those things of which we are so grateful for...

Scott is thankful for...

1. my fantastic beautiful wife amber
2. my little claire bear
3. netflix
4. the ability to play sports, even though i'm old and fat
5. a good book
6. Christmas lights
7. trials that make us realize what's really important
8. the new homemade pizza recipe amber found
9. continuing education (thanks byu for taking me back)
10. the gospel of Jesus Christ

Amber is thankful for...

1. My wonderful handsome husband Scott
2. My beautiful daughter Emily Claire
3. A Heavenly Father that loves me
4. A warm comfortable home
5. Summertime and sunshine
6. Photography and the ability to capture memories
7. Music and the ability to hear
8. Friends that we are privileged to spend time with
9. Modern conveniences (microwaves)
10. Temples close by and the blessings we get from them

Emily Claire is thankful for...

1. mommy and daddy - my maid and butler
2. my play mat
3. my pacifier
4. not tummy time
5. the ability to hold my head up now
6. all the fun noises i can make
7. bath time
8. naps
9. clean diapers
10. all the funny noises and faces people make to get me to smile :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Recent Happenings

Okay so I know I take entirely too many photos, but what can I say, she's our first and she has a mom that loves to take pictures! :)

Her neck muscles are getting stronger. She still doesn't like her tummy but she tolerates it a little better now.

Remember these ladies from my work...
We were able to get together for a little play date. :)

I love this look

She loves playing with Daddy!

...and she's already standing! (with a little help of course)

I love this girl with her round belly and chubby legs! :)

Anyone see the family resemblance? :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Wonderful Years

So it's been a couple weeks since, but at the beginning of this month we celebrated our two year anniversary! We were able to drive up to Park City for the day and stay a night. We had to take our little Eclaire with us, but she was an angel the whole time and we didn't mind one bit. We got a way nice deal on the hotel we stayed at, seeing as it was a slow business time for Park City. Not warm enough for summer activities but no snow for the winter activities. :) We walked up and down the historic main street and shopped at the outlets. It was way fun!

Check out our room, including a fully stocked kitchen, so cool! :) Claire took over the whole king sized bed! :)

It's been an amazing two years. We've had a wonderful time together and I look forward to many more years and an eternity with Scott. I love you Scott! Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lions and Tigers and...Elephants, Oh My!

Our Halloween fun started the Monday night before when we carved pumpkins! :) If you asked Emily she might say we were having a bit too much fun trying to get her to pose for us in the pumpkin...

Now some people might say that carving a pumpkin from a stencil is cheating...and maybe it is. I grew up carving pumpkins without using stencils and only in the last couple years have I started to use the stencils and I just have to say this - whether it's cheating or not, it's just as fun. It's still challenging (if not more so), it's still messy, it's still spending time with family. The only difference to me is I love how my stenciled ones look afterwards and I'm not as embarrassed to display them to the neighborhood. :)

Saturday night we celebrated Halloween by crashing a ward trunk or treat. We had bought Emily's elephant costume a week or two before at Walmart when we saw it. I love elephants so it was an easy choice for her costume. I've never been extremely crafty or creative but this year I sorta wanted us all to dress up with a theme. We thought maybe we could be safari guides or something to go with the elephant costume, but looking online we came up with the ideas for a tiger and lion costume. I glued felt to my shirt and made the cat ears and glued felt loops on one of those winter hats that buttons under the chin for Scott's mane and our costumes were pretty much set. Only problem was we realized lions are native to Africa while tigers are native to Asia. So all together we're just zoo animals. :)

Thanks Emily for getting us some candy with your cuteness. It was a hard day's work for that little girl. She deserved a break. :)