Friday, May 30, 2014

Living Planet Aquarium

The new Living Planet Aquarium was recently finished. It was bigger and better than the old one so we decided to check it out. :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

this is sparta!

so i was sitting at the computer, sadly pondering the fact that last year was the first year in 17 years that i did not play in an organized football league (not including the mission). but then, to my utter surprise and joy, i received an email asking if i wanted to play in the tackle league that i played in a couple years ago. i loved playing, but poor league management and the stress of organizing a team was too much for me, so i had walked away. but the league was under new management and had made many improvements including weekly highlights, stats, and a post-season, and i loved the idea of just being a member of the team and not in charge. and they wanted me to just play receiver, which was super awesome since i've never really known how to tackle properly. so i jumped at the chance and thus became a spartan for the 2014 spring season of the utfl (utah tackle football league). 

we started practice and it quickly became apparent that i would have to play some defense because there was no one else who could effectively play safety. that wasn't the worst news because i do like the coverage aspect of the position. again, i'm just not a great tackler. the real unfortunate news was that our quarterback proved to not be so great, and he loved to run at the slightest pressure, but he wasn't that great a runner either. our first game did not go so well. our qb went down with an injury on the first drive of our second game, which meant i unfortunately had to step up as qb. i didn't do horrible, but qb is not my strength. it also meant that the team wasn't going to let me play defense to reduce my chance of getting hurt, so i wasn't loving it. after a couple games we all decided my strengths were not being properly utilized, so we put our running back in as qb and i got to catch some touchdowns. our rb then also unfortunately went down with a knee injury and i was forced once again to play qb for our playoff game. all in all, it was not a good season in regard to win-loss, but it was so great playing again. i definitely didn't accomplish my goals that i set at the beginning of the year (lead the league in receiving yards), but i finished third in the league for interceptions, which isn't too bad since i only got to play defense for half the games the other guys did.

this is my highlight reel for the year. nothing spectacular, but a little bit of everything. i caught, ran, threw, intercepted, and tackled, and looked pretty cool doing it, in my humble opinion. ;) there is something special about putting the helmet and pads on. i feel like a samurai getting ready for battle or something.