Sunday, January 31, 2010

gathering blue - lois lowry

this book comes with the tag "a companion to 'the giver'." growing up, 'the giver' was one of the few books (if not only one) i can say i read and thoroughly enjoyed, and when i reread it a couple years ago, i was not disappointed in the least. it still held the intrigue and magic that i once experienced so many years ago. so it was with great expectations that i took up 'gathering blue'. i can't say that i didn't enjoy it or was let down, but it definitely paled in comparison to its "companion". a nice, easy read, perfect for young readers, that showed me a new world and led me to some new, interesting ideas.
i must admit i was not a huge fan of the story's ending, but it seems lowry has an affinity for unique endings. 'the giver' at least left me with some type of closure. whether you believed the young man and baby survived in the end or not, at least something of worth was accomplished. 'gathering blue' left me with the feeling that nothing had changed in the end and, quite possibly, not even a lesson was learned. our heroine had gained some new knowledge and insight, but she seemed content to do nothing about it. i believe very little is worse than knowledge unheeded and ignored.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guess what'll be here July 28th?!!!

So, it's official! I finally feel like it's safe to announce that...We're pregnant! :) Or, I guess just I am...Scott has been having a lot of sympathy pains though. ;) So far, everything's looking good. We heard the heart beat last week and I have to say, it was the coolest sound ever. The nurse worried me a bit, when she couldn't find it very quickly, but as soon as she did find it, it was music to my ears. :)
I've felt pretty good the last few weeks which is good and bad...I mean, it's good, cuz I haven't dealt with too much nausea, which I don't mind at all. On the other hand though, I haven't felt pregnant at all and have been driving Scott crazy with all my worries and wondering whether there really is a baby inside me?! He's such a good sport though, and so patient. He even humored me and went with me to buy another (our 5th) pregnancy test to confirm that we really were pregnant!
I am about 13 weeks along now and I really haven't gained that much weight, but tonight after eating a big dinner, I really did feel pregnant so we busted out the camera and took our first pregnant belly shots. :) I really don't know how much of that belly is food and how much is baby...:)
We're so excited for this new chapter in our lives. We are excited to become parents. As scary and overwhelming as it is also, I am totally up for it. Baby Bryson is due July 28th!