Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Time is Here

A couple days before Christmas we made graham cracker houses. This was always the tradition growing up in our house. I hadn't made one in the last few years though, so it was fun.

Christmas Eve was spent with my family. We watched a Christmas movie and played games. Claire played dress up and had fun playing with cousins. Later that night, Grandpa read the Christmas story and we sang the carols along with it.

Claire dressed up her cousin DJ... I'm not sure he knew what to do about her. :)

Christmas morning we opened our stockings. We normally would have put an orange in Claire's stocking, but we figured she'd like the banana better. She was a lot more interested in opening presents this year, it was fun. After opening our stockings, we joined the family upstairs for breakfast and to open some presents with them. We then went back downstairs to our place to finish opening our presents.

Claire seemed pretty happy with her gifts. We got her a little table & chairs set that she started pulling around right away. :)

For church we went up to South Jordan to Lindy's ward where she was directing the choir in songs she had written and arranged. It was exciting to hear. After, we had dinner at their home.

After dinner we went back down to Spanish Fork to spend the afternoon and evening with Scott's family. We had dinner and dessert and celebrated our niece Tasha's birthday.
We had a wonderful Christmas. It was so nice to see and spend time with all our family. We are grateful for our Savior and his birth and this holiday season to remember him and the blessings that he's brought unto our lives.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

25 Days

we began the month with a goal: do something Christmasy every day of december before Christmas day. unfortunately, the month didn't quite go as planned. on some days we did multiple activities and other days we did nothing. some things were put off for next year and other things were made up on the spot. and a lot of Christmas movies were forced to be counted. we did a few other things as well i would count, but these are the ones i could get pictures for. hopefully in the future we can be better about sticking to our original plans, but it was still a fun month, full of fun activities. :)

1. visit temple square in salt lake city and look at all the lights
2. put up the Christmas tree and decorate it
3. watch 'how the grinch stole Christmas'
4. drink some hot chocolate/ apple cider
5. make our yearly ornament for our tree
6. buy a new Christmas movie and watch - this year it was a set with frosty, rudolph, and others
7. bake cookies and give away to our friends - mostly ate them though, sorry :)
8. attend our ward Christmas dinner/ talent show
9. read 'the polar express'
10. watch 'a Christmas story'
11. go up to idaho for heidi's graduation
12. post our Christmas card on our blog
13. watch 'a charlie brown Christmas'
14. buy a Christmas popcorn tin and eat it
15. go to the festival of lights down in spanish fork
16. watch 'a boyfriend for Christmas'
17. read the december 'ensign'
18. make snowmen - we unfortunately didn't get any snow, so we had to make them out of craft paper, which was a lot of fun still and we stayed warm
19. watch 'elf'
20. make gingerbread houses
21. go to church with lindy, amber's sister, who wrote and arranged several wonderful songs that the choir performed during sacrament meeting
22. watch 'it's a wonderful life'
23. eat a wonderful Christmas breakfast amber made
24. read 'luke 2'
25. open presents :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

heidi's graduation

on the bright side, amber is officially a part of my family. see, we have this thing we lovingly refer to as the "bryson curse". in essence, we have not been blessed with the best of luck when it comes to automobiles. so when we decided to take a quick trip to byu-idaho to attend amber's sister's graduation, we had to worry a little. and sure enough, our 4 hour trip soon became a 9 hour one. amber had just taken over driving, so i thought we were safe. but 15 minutes later we found ourselves with a flat tire. the series of events to follow included discovering we had no tire iron, calling amber's parents for help, them being only a few miles ahead of us but having to drive 20 minutes before the next off ramp to flip around, them not having a tire iron either, looking for a walmart to buy a tire iron, realizing a little too late that our car has non-standard lug nuts, then waiting for aaa to come to our rescue. then, after an hour wait at the tire place, we found ourselves back on the road with a new tire and $300 less rich. good grief.

we finally made it up to rexburg, and after a quick visit with amber's aunt and uncle, we headed up to the college to see heidi receive her diploma. i'm a little jealous heidi. okay, i'm a lot jealous. i so can't wait to be done with school.
after the graduation, we headed back over to amber's aunt and uncle's to celebrate mom and dad's birthdays. we enjoyed some cake and celery sticks (for amber).

the next day we had a wonderful breakfast provided by the dawes, then we went for a quick visit up to the college to see amber's old stomping grounds. i guess it's changed a lot since her day. it's a nice campus, but way too cold for my liking. after our tour of the school, we went with the family to look at some cabins that amber's parents are looking into buying. it was a lot of fun looking at all these huge dream homes.

the trip home went a lot smoother. we stopped in ogden to visit with my brother and sister-in-law, kyle and courtney. they were having a family party and the frazier's were kind enough to let us crash it. after a quick visit, we continued on our way and were home a little bit later. it was a short little vacation, but it was much needed. way to go heidi. we are proud of you. :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

November C's

Because this month was so busy, I have to admit I didn't put too much thought into my goals. Again, for my Create I made a few Christmas presents and so I'm not going to share what I made in case the recipients look at this blog. :) I am in the middle of a project though which I worked on a lot this month. I'm trying to make a jean quilt. I have the top put together, but now I have to figure out how to do the rest. :)

Scott chose what he wanted me to make this month for my Cooking goal and he helped me make it. :) We decided to make donuts and it was a lot more tedious and time consuming than we thought, but it was fun making them together and they were yummy to eat afterwards. :)

I wanted to make a Christmas card this year (I never have before) and we got family photos taken a while ago, but still haven't gotten them back so I decided for my Capture I would do my own little photo shoot to get some pictures that I can use to put a card together later. Claire was pretty good for it, but it is getting harder to get her to stay still and do what I want. :) Raisins are her favorite snack though, and they help tremendously in getting her to sit still and smile. :)