Saturday, November 22, 2014

football fall 2014

when last we saw our intrepid hero of the gridiron, he was coming off a fun, but slightly disappointing spring football season. after my time with the spartans, my friend (and new owner of the league) invited me to come play with him on a new team he was creating, the warriors. in contrast to the spartans, i was going to be asked to do one thing for the warriors: catch touchdowns. while playing receiver is what i want to do most, it was a lot of fun being asked to do it all and i did find it hard to sit on defense this past season. and while we did have a strong armed qb who definitely favored me, we didn't have an all-out passing attack like i wish we did. i was, however, fortunate enough to be third in the league in total touchdowns, which is cool. this is my highlight video (not the best video angle for highlight videos, but i tried to make it easier to find me with some arrows - keep an eye out :) ) and some pics of the season:

i was personally super excited for the fall uvu flag league. we had done really well in the spring league, most of the guys were coming back, and this time i had back my favorite qb i have ever had. things were looking good. and they went well. we finished the regular season 8-0, winning by an average score of 42 to 10. the first playoff game was a breeze, but the second game was a battle. back and forth we went, neither team able to stop the other. with just over a minute to go, i intercept their pass to the end zone. fully capable of returning it for a touchdown, i decide to do the sportsmanshiply thing to do and take a knee. with one minute to go, a 25 second play clock, and the opposing team with only one time out left, all we had to do was take a knee three times and we would be heading to the championship game. after three knees and a mere 15 seconds on the clock, we started to celebrate. one member of the opposing team however decided to jump off sides. he then proceeded to convince the refs (incorrectly) that a penalty stops the clock. the refs totally buy it, we are forced to punt it, they drive using the sidelines (all credit to them), and score to steal the game. after the game, we went to the refs and said show us this rule in the rule book. after a minute, the refs admit their mistake, we should have won, but it was too late and nothing could be done. needless to say, me and my team were not too happy. thankfully the cheating team lost in the championship on a last second touchdown or i'd have really been mad that they cheated their way to a championship. karma.

well, despite the sad ending, it was a great year of football. i can't wait to play again next spring. oh, and a little while ago i contacted the city of spanish fork to get a hold of our championship game from way back in 2007. i was so young!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

a tangled halloween

i'm not entirely sure how many more halloweens we'll be able to continue our tradition of doing coordinating costumes. i'm sure at some point everett will want to do one thing while claire will insist on something completely different. well i am pleased to say that we at least got one more group costume in before that sad day befalls us.

as much as we thought our costumes were brilliant, they did require a lot of clarification on who we were as we went trick-or-treating this year. claire really wanted to wear her rapunzel dress this year (we haven't got her an elsa dress yet which is why she was the only little girl not dressed as such), which was fine by us because it meant no hard work for her costume. to compliment her, we thought everett would make a cute little flynn ryder, so amber made the cutest little vest and satchel for him and he was set. so with our two main characters set, amber and i filled in the supporting cast by going as pascal and maximus.

we started the holiday as we have now done the last 4 halloweens - with pictures on the front steps. we had a lot of fun recreating many events from the movie. everett especially loved our frying pan/sword fight. after our pictures, we headed down to spanish fork to crash my brother's ward's trunk-or-treat for dinner and a first round of goodies. after that, we headed back to our neighborhood for some more treats and visiting with our fellow ward members. i am just loving halloween more and more every year. :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Painting Pumpkins

The Monday before Halloween we decided to paint pumpkins for family home evening. We got a couple small ones from the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago so the kids each chose one to paint. And then we bought a big pumpkin for Scott and I to carve. Claire painted a picture of Rapunzel and the tower on hers and we carved a picture of Rapunzel on ours. It turned out pretty well I think. And then we ended our evening with some ice cream. The kids went to bed happy. :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tumbling Fun

For the month of October, both our kids were able to participate in a Tumbling Tots class at the Provo Rec Center. We weren't sure what to expect from it, but it sounded like fun so we tried it out. It was a blast and they both loved going. They were in separate classes - Everett with the 2 year olds and Claire with the 3 and 4 year olds. Parents got to participate with the 2 year olds. They got to try out all sorts of activities - headstands, somersaults, basketball, kickball, t-ball, frisbee, bowling, gymnastics, jumping, rolling, running, balancing, etc. And the last day they were even rewarded with their very own medals. :)