Monday, August 28, 2017

Seth's Birthday

Seth's actual birthday was spent mostly driving and visiting with family, so the Monday after getting back from Oregon, we celebrated Seth's 2nd birthday. After such a crazy weekend, his celebration was pretty low key. We went to the park earlier that day and we had hot dogs and cantaloupe for dinner. He really likes hot dogs. :) He opened his presents, which I think he was pretty happy with. And then we just bought an already made Sunday Pie and put two candles in it, and invited family upstairs to come down to sing with us. He knew exactly what to do - it's so cute. Being the last birthday in the year, he's seen what everyone else does and he just knows when it's his turn. :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Everett's Birthday

so our little buddy is now 5 years old! unfortunately his special day was on a tuesday of a very busy week, but we hope we made it a fun week for him to remember. we started the fun week with father's blessings on sunday. on monday was the big solar eclipse so we got some glasses to check that whole thing out (a little blah but interesting). after checking that out, i headed off to my first day of school while amber and the kids went to claire's open house to meet her teacher. for fhe we headed up to scheels to ride the ferris wheel, which has become a tradition that everett looks forward to every birthday. unfortunately, the ferris wheel was closed for maintenance. saddened, but still determined to have some fun, we stopped for ice cream with the promise we'd come back soon.

the next day everett was officially 5! we started the day off with some birthday donuts before claire had to take off for school and i for work. amber took the boys to the park before coming home for lunch. amber then got to work making one amazing dragon cake. we got pizza for dinner, then opened presents. keeping in theme, we got him a bunch of dragon figurines, which was a big winner. we then carved that dragon cake up and ate him with a side of ice cream. :)

on friday, which was actually seth's birthday, we headed up to oregon for my sister's wedding. along the way north, we stopped at scheels again with the hopes that the ferris wheel was running once more. it was, so we got in a ride to cap off everett's fun week of turning 5.

First Day of School

Claire started 2nd grade! She decided she didn't want to continue in the dual immersion program and we were okay with that decision. I think it's a wonderful program for some, but it wasn't a right fit for us. She loves school and she was super excited to start again. She already loves her teacher, Mrs. Bergeson and is doing great. She's growing up so quickly and showing so much confidence. We love it. :)

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Claire's 7th Birthday

Claire turned 7! She chose cinnamon rolls for breakfast and her favorite - spaghetti, bread sticks, and watermelon for dinner. For her birthday "activity" we had gone swimming at the Provo Rec Center the day before. Some of her cousins were able to come and swim with her and we all had a blast. She's been reading the Harry Potter books with daddy and wanted to watch the first movie that evening. She opened presents which included a flip sequin shirt she asked for (that we went through great lengths to find) and a little pet hedgehog that she really wanted. Since we were having family come over the next day, we were waiting to have her birthday cake til then. But we still sang to her and celebrated with small birthday milkshakes the day of. I think she was pretty happy with her special day.

The next day we made Claire's birthday cake. She wanted a "sky" cake. And since we were making two for all the family coming to celebrate with her, one was the sky and one was the sun. She had fun decorating them though with clouds, birds, and a rainbow. Claire was invited to multiple birthday parties over the school year and asked to have her own birthday party this year. I'm not great at planning parties, but we did invite both our families over and she had a lot of fun playing with cousins, eating cake and opening presents. Scott even set up the projector so the kids could watch a movie while the adults talked. It was a fun evening.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Pioneer Day

We didn't really celebrate Pioneer Day like we normally do every year. It was a pretty normal day until the Dawes showed up. Kids played upstairs with them most of the day. Then that evening we heard they were shooting fireworks at the mall just a few blocks away from us, so we invited cousins and left early to get a spot. We hung out outside and ate cookies for FHE dessert, we played with cousins, music played, and then we watched the fireworks. It didn't start as late as our usual firework show in Spanish Fork and traffic wasn't nearly as bad, it was a pretty good experience that we'd love to repeat in the future. :)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Claire's Teeth

Claire started losing teeth during her Kindergarten year. She had lost her two front teeth for quite a while, but the adult teeth weren't growing in, so she had an adorable gap for quite awhile. At her latest dentist appointment they told us we needed to make that gap larger so that the adult teeth could come in. They ended up extracting two on top and also two on bottom to make room for adult teeth. They told us they'll probably need to extract more next visit. She did very well with the procedure and we had to feed her a lot of yogurt and applesauce and ice cream for a little while which she did not mind at all. :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Movie in the Park

We got free tickets from our ward to go see a movie in the park at the Scera theatre. So we gathered blankets and treats, got pajamas on kids and settled down on the hill to wait for sunset. The movie was "Moana", which kids have already seen but loved it enough that watching it again, experiencing it outside, past their bedtime was so exciting and so cool. I think they all loved it, even though the boys both fell asleep during. :)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

fourth fun

our family fun continued the next day as we all caught the train and made the trip up to salt lake. i love trains. we had lunch up there and then made the tour of temple square with the mandatory Christus photo.

we headed home then were back to the fun early the next day, which was independence day! we headed down to my brother ken's house for the day. the highlight of the day (even more so than the fireworks) was me winning our epic ladder-ball tournament. it was the greatest win in the history of sports. :) the kids spent the day playing with their cousins and eating lots of yummy food. we made some s'mores then headed to the park to light off some fireworks. it was magical. we sadly had to say our goodbyes to my family before heading home. it was a wonderful week and it was so good to spend time with family. can't wait til next time!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

weekend with the brysons

it's getting harder and harder to get the family together, but thankfully big events keep happening so we are forced to make it happen. this event was a combination of a nephew's endowment, a sister's sealing, and a niece's baby blessing. friday we made the hour trip up north to bountiful to meet with family coming from all over, including the parents from texas. we dropped the kids off to be babysat by cousins and headed to the bountiful temple. my nephew sam, along with my brother-in-law mat were both taking their endowments out. i couldn't help but think about my first time and how strange it all seemed. but as the years have passed, i have been struck time and time again by the powerful symbolism of the temple and the love our Heavenly Father and Savior have for us. it was a beautiful moment to be surrounded by family in the temple of the Lord.

we headed to the hotel to get some sleep. the next morning, the bryson boys headed off to play some football for a few hours before getting back for the sealing that afternoon. in all the rush, i ended up forgetting my recommend in the hotel. unfortunately we didn't realize this til we were standing at the front desk. thankfully the temple workers went in the back and were able to contact someone (or i just have a very trusting face) and they came back out and said we were good to go in. we rushed in and barely made it. my sister mandie was then sealed to her husband mat for all time and eternity. they then were able to be sealed to their newest baby. afterwards amber did her thing and took some beautiful family pictures outside the temple for my sis and new bro. from there we picked up the kids and all headed out to eat and enjoyed some yummy food together. 

the next day we had to pack our things and make it up north to ogden for 9:00 church. it was a rush, but we made it just in time. my brother kyle then blessed the newest addition to our family, his beautiful baby girl. from there we headed to kyle and courtney's house for some good food and some more picture taking. after playing for a while, we headed over to my aunt's house for dinner before having to say goodbye for the night and head home. we love these moments so much and are so grateful to be making such sweet memories. family really is everything. well the fun times continued, but in another blog.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mommy's Birthday

I had a nice birthday filled with yummy sweets. Donuts for breakfast, a store bought ice cream cake from visiting teachers and a Pinterest ice cream cake made by Scott. I wish I had gotten a photo of it, it was delicious with ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream layers and a whipped cream oreo frosting on top. Yum! :) Kids and Scott gave me their presents that evening and one of the cutest gifts I got was a certificate from Claire for a mother/daughter haircut. Scott and Claire had put together a certificate with a scratch off heart that showed my gift underneath. So, a couple days later we went to the salon together and both got haircuts. I was able to get a before picture, but missed the after one. It was a fun little outing though with my daughter. :)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Indoor Camping

Scott and I are not huge camping people. Especially when I'm pregnant and uncomfortable, I really don't want to be outside sleeping on the ground or anything. So what do we do when our kids really want to and ask to go camping sometime? Well, we decided to set up the tent at home and let them camp inside. They were thrilled and didn't mind the differences from real camping. We bundled up their bedding like sleeping bags and we set up the ipad with a video of a fire and outdoor sounds on it. And then my favorite part, we made mini delicious s'mores. We used teddy graham crackers, mini marshmallows and chocolate chips and cooked them in the microwave all at the same time. Easy and yummy! And I got to sleep in my own bed. :)

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Summer Fun

Near the beginning of summer I set up a play date with our friend Breanna and her kids. We went to the park and had a picnic and it was so fun seeing our kids play together. I especially loved seeing them all holding hands as we walked to our cars afterwards.

Summer time means splash pads! Being pregnant this summer has definitely made it harder to make it to the splash pad often but we did go a few times. Seth was not a fan at first but the older kids tried to teach him how cool it was and he slowly warmed up.

Play dates with friends are so fun. It happens less and less often with our old single ward and young married friends, especially when we have more kids and we're getting farther and farther apart, but we still make it happen occasionally. We met up at the splash pad and had a picnic and had lots of fun. :)