Sunday, October 1, 2017

Caleb Levi

Caleb Levi Bryson
born October 1, 2017
7 lbs 13 oz
18.5 inches

This pregnancy was a little harder on my body. Still not a lot of morning sickness, which I'm grateful for, but I did get extra tired and napped all the time. The varicose veins came earlier than expected and hurt more than they have in the past. So from the end of the first trimester or beginning of the second I was wearing compression hose and socks trying to figure out what worked best. After going through this pregnancy I'm feeling more motivation to get back in shape so if there is another one, it won't hurt as bad. :p

Caleb's due date was October 8th and I usually go late so I tried to get in the mind frame that he wouldn't come until then or later, but I also had suspicions that he could come early. I knew I was pregnant so much earlier than with the others and he measured like 4 days bigger at the first ultrasound, but still by the end of my pregnancy I didn't want to get my hopes up. :)

He was born around noon on a Sunday. Nesting had really set in earlier that week. I was cleaning and getting things done and ready for the baby even though I knew it would probably be two more weeks. On Thursday I had my OB appointment and I was only 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I thought it might be more so I was a little disappointed. I had been feeling Braxton Hicks since the second trimester and they were definitely more painful and uncomfortable towards the end. That weekend I had been feeling them a lot, especially after any physical activity. On Saturday, Scott woke up really early to go to a football game while I stayed home with kids. I watched General Conference and relaxed most of the morning. It was such a nice day.

Contractions started around 10:30 pm. I was getting ready for bed and they kept coming. We were laying down in bed around 11 pm and I told Scott that I was a little nervous, they hadn't stopped yet. I was timing them and they were coming every 5 minutes or so. Scott had woken up so early, and had had a big day so he zonked out pretty quickly around 11:30 pm. I on the other hand couldn't fall asleep. I tried to relax but they didn't go away and they were already kind of painful. I was worried about making it late to the hospital like last time so I woke up Scott and he went to get my mom upstairs to watch the kids and we left for the hospital around 12:30 pm.

We got to the hospital and had me change in a room and checked my progression. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was only about 3 cm and 70% effaced so I was disappointed. The nurse told me if I was a first time mom she would've sent me home, but because it was my fourth, it was a VBAC and because last time he came so quickly they encouraged me to be admitted and be induced. I really didn't want to be induced. I had still been thinking I wanted to go unmedicated. I was so tired and frustrated that I couldn't decide. The nurse said we could walk around for an hour and she'd check me again, so we walked a couple laps slowly around the labor and delivery unit. The contractions were so painful and I was quickly deciding against an unmedicated labor. They were still not going away too so I figured this had to be the real thing. They checked me after the hour and there was maybe a half centimeter of change so again she told me I could either choose to go home or be induced.

I was so emotional at this point. I was tired, and in so much pain. I was frustrated there wasn't more progression and Scott wasn't helping me make any decisions because he was so tired and out of it himself. He fell asleep on the couch and I was left to make the decision. I'm sure the nurse thought I was crazy cuz I couldn't stop crying. I was shaking too. The doctor who was there was encouraging me to stay, I just really didn't want to be induced and put on Pitocin. Last time I was given Pitocin I ended up having a C-section, so I just worried. Contractions were coming every 2-3 minutes though and were super painful which is what made my decision. I was admitted to the hospital and given an epidural around 5 am.

After getting my epidural, I was able to get some needed rest. The epidural worked, probably a little too well. I was unable to move or feel anything. I was able to join Scott and sleep for a bit. They checked me again at 6 am, but there really wasn't any change so we decided to break my water. I started progressing again, but it was a slow process. I was 5 cm dilated around 9 am. They wanted me to continue progressing so they decided to put me on a little bit of Pitocin. This is the part that scared me, especially when my contractions started coming further apart after being given the Pitocin.

We turned on General Conference at 10 am at the hospital, but honestly I didn't hear much of the talks. I slept when I could and they continually checked me and helped me rotate what side I laid on. I was fully effaced and 7 cm around 11:30 am. By the time Conference ended they told me I was ready to push.

Caleb's head was angled slightly off so the doctor had me push once and was able to gently rotate it. Then, I only had to push through two more contractions and Caleb was here at 12:17 pm.
Aunt Sherry and cousin Tasha were the first to meet him. They showed up at the hospital right after he came and were able to hold Caleb for a few minutes before leaving again to pick up our kids. They stopped by the hospital again with our kids and Caleb met his siblings. Claire, Everett and Seth each took turns and held Caleb for just a short time. Seth did great and was pretty smitten with baby Caleb from the start. They got treats at the hospital and held the baby and then left to spend the rest of the day with their cousins. That afternoon grandma and grandpa were also able to visit and see Caleb at the hospital. 

Recovery went pretty smoothly. We spent all day Monday in the hospital. Scott slept at home with the kids, brought them to visit again for a little while, and then let grandma take care of them so he could spend the rest of the day with us at the hospital. We were all ready to leave the hospital Tuesday morning when we took Caleb home! :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Our Little Two Year Old

1. Seth is a two year old! And he's in a very classic two year old stage at the moment. :)

2. He weighs 28.4 pounds and is in the 69th percentile.

3. He is 35 inches tall and in the 64th percentile for height.

4. Seth loves touching my hair. He's always giving me hugs and grabs on to my hair to swipe across his face so he can smell it maybe? Not sure what he's doing, but he loves my hair. He also likes to pull at Scott's short hair in the back by his neck.

5. Seth is very particular on who does what for him. He used to want me to do most things for him, then he went through a stage of only daddy doing things for him, but now it's gone back to me most of the time, daddy for some things and a lot of times it has to be himself. If it's not done exactly how or by who he wants then usually there is some crying or tantrum involved.

6. Seth is still sleeping with us. He goes to bed and falls asleep well in his own room but usually joins us around 2am. We used to have to go get him and carry him back to our bed and he would get upset if the wrong person showed up but lately he's been coming in on his own. He can open the door between our rooms and he'll make his way himself. He's very cuddly in bed and when he's not sleeping well, will always throw an arm around my neck and plays with my hair. It's cute, but does make sleeping a little difficult for me.

7. Seth is our little crazy child. The kids have taught him how to act like a puppy or little monster. He loves to chase them around. He growls, he's already learned how to pretend to fight and I'm constantly trying to teach him he can't hit and kick people. He loves to wrestle and climb on us. He's our very wild boy. Along with the aggressiveness side to him though, he is still my best huger and most cuddly child. 

8. I feel like it took him a while to start talking, longer than our other two, but then once he started talking, his vocabulary just exploded. He's talking so much now, it's so cute.

9. Seth loves planes and loves to fly with daddy. Loves to ride on his shoulders and loves the show Super Wings.

10. Some of Seth's favorites that we know of are- song: Popcorn Popping, show/movie: Super Wings, food: hot dogs or mac and cheese, dessert: cookies, activity: playing superheroes with siblings, animal: cats and dogs, book: Numbers, drink: chocolate milk, toy: Jett transformer plane

Monday, August 28, 2017

Seth's Birthday

Seth's actual birthday was spent mostly driving and visiting with family, so the Monday after getting back from Oregon, we celebrated Seth's 2nd birthday. After such a crazy weekend, his celebration was pretty low key. We went to the park earlier that day and we had hot dogs and cantaloupe for dinner. He really likes hot dogs. :) He opened his presents, which I think he was pretty happy with. And then we just bought an already made Sunday Pie and put two candles in it, and invited family upstairs to come down to sing with us. He knew exactly what to do - it's so cute. Being the last birthday in the year, he's seen what everyone else does and he just knows when it's his turn. :)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

becca and leo's wedding

so many years ago, in a land far away, this girl and this boy met. well they each took their own separate paths in life, but when the time was right, the fates found a way to bring them back together. my sister becca met leo way back in high school and they rekindled their friendship a little while back. well the time was right, the stars aligned, i'm sure that eclipse had something to do with it, and pretty quickly their friendship blossomed into more. 

leo is currently living up in washington, so they decided to be nice on us and get married somewhere near the halfway point between here and there in ontario, oregon. i guess leo's family has a farm there so it made for a perfect spot. so we packed the car and made the drive up north. we got there just in time for the big pizza party/meet & greet with the families. after that, we all gathered together for my niece's baptism. after that we had a fun awesome ice cream party. we then headed to the hotel to get some sleep.

the next day was spent mostly prepping for the wedding. that evening, just around sunset, we all headed over to the farm in our sunday best. claire was a flower girl and amber was taking photos, so us boys found our seats for the show while the girls went to work. it was a beautiful backyard ceremony. after the two lovebirds said "i do", we moved the chairs out of the way and started some dancing. it was such a wonderful time.

the next day was sunday, so on our way home, we headed to my grandma's church in idaho before having a yummy french toast lunch at her house. we then bid our sad goodbyes to everyone and made the long drive home. we couldn't be happier for becca and leo. my big sis is the best and i'm so glad she has found someone that will make her happy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Five Year Old Facts

1. Everett is five years old!

2. He weighs 37.8 pounds and is in the 29th percentile.

3. He is 43 inches tall and is in the 53rd percentile for height.

4. He loves playing with action figures. He's got a good collection of Marvel and DC superheroes, Star Wars characters, and just recently, got some dragon figurines to add to his epic battles.

5. Everett loves playing games. Card games, board games, video games, active games - whatever it is, he loves it. He is always up to learn new games and really picks them up well. He's really into this Harry Potter trivia game right now, and though he knows almost nothing about Harry Potter, he loves the game because it's a game.

6. He really is getting good at monkey bars. And he loves showing off that he can do them so well. While it's a little scary, letting him do it without providing a little support in case he falls, he's proven that he's just about got it mastered, and he's proven he can handle the fall when it occasionally happens.

7. He's a pretty crazy kid. He loves to make everyone laugh and prefers physical forms of comedy such as bonking himself with things and running into walls and falling down. Anything for a laugh. Unfortunately he's getting a little into the potty humor, as all little boys seem to, but we're trying our best to curb that interest. But I suppose there's much worse things than a little boy laughing at a toot. :)

8. The kid is a funny eater. While he loves some traditional kid favorites such as pizza and hot dogs, the kid, for some weird reason, does not like some of the best like ice cream and popcorn.

9. Since his birthday is right on the border of the cutoff dates for school, we decided to hold him back til next year. But even without going to school yet, Everett is such a smart kid. Because of his close relationship with Claire, he is always so interested in whatever she is learning.

10. Some of Everett's favorites this year are- song: I Am a Child of God, show/movie: Minions, food: pizza, dessert: oreo milkshakes, activity: video games, color: aqua, animal: dog, book: Hop on Pop, drink: chocolate milk, game: Mario Party, toy: action figures, holiday: Christmas, day of the week- Monday

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Everett's Birthday

so our little buddy is now 5 years old! unfortunately his special day was on a tuesday of a very busy week, but we hope we made it a fun week for him to remember. we started the fun week with father's blessings on sunday. on monday was the big solar eclipse so we got some glasses to check that whole thing out (a little blah but interesting). after checking that out, i headed off to my first day of school while amber and the kids went to claire's open house to meet her teacher. for fhe we headed up to scheels to ride the ferris wheel, which has become a tradition that everett looks forward to every birthday. unfortunately, the ferris wheel was closed for maintenance. saddened, but still determined to have some fun, we stopped for ice cream with the promise we'd come back soon.

the next day everett was officially 5! we started the day off with some birthday donuts before claire had to take off for school and i for work. amber took the boys to the park before coming home for lunch. amber then got to work making one amazing dragon cake. we got pizza for dinner, then opened presents. keeping in theme, we got him a bunch of dragon figurines, which was a big winner. we then carved that dragon cake up and ate him with a side of ice cream. :)

on friday, which was actually seth's birthday, we headed up to oregon for my sister's wedding. along the way north, we stopped at scheels again with the hopes that the ferris wheel was running once more. it was, so we got in a ride to cap off everett's fun week of turning 5.