Monday, June 27, 2011

June C's

Create- We have wanted to make some "Bryson" blocks for our little shelf for a long time now. We got a scrap piece of wood to make them almost 2 years ago and it's just been stashed away in a closet this whole time. The hard part was cutting the wood into blocks. We didn't have a saw and so the whole project was just kinda forgotten. This month though I asked my little brother Daniel to help me out with it. He has taken a few woodworking or carpentry classes in the past so he knew what he was doing. We got my dad's old power saw thingy (like my use of terms?) out and cleaned it off (it was covered in cobwebs and dirt) and cut the wood into blocks. The machine kinda scared me so I only cut 2 blocks off and I let my brother do the rest. :) Then he showed me how to use the sanding tool on the power drill thingy, and I sanded and rounded the edges and corners with that. Thanks Daniel for all the help! After all that it was a lot easier. I just painted them, mod podged the paper and letters on, and decorated them a little with buttons and ribbon and stuff, and ta da... we finally have our "Bryson" blocks! :)

Cook- Like I've mentioned in a past blog, we love Fazoli's... and we also love Olive Garden! The thing that we love and always get at these places is the Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo. So this month I searched for a similar recipe and found this one. I even read the comments on the recipe and changed it up a little with some of their recommendations. We all loved it, including Claire! :)

Capture- At the beginning of the month my friend from work had asked me to take pictures of her family and her little girl that was turning one. I got to take pictures for them on her birthday! She was such a cutie and I had a lot of fun taking them. I also entered a couple of the I Heart Faces Photo Challenges this month so you can look at those on my photoblog. And then, just cuz I've been trying forever to get a good picture of Claire's eyelashes (which are so long!), I finally captured this one and so I thought I'd post it. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

100th Blog Post

I was about to do my June C's post but figured that was lame for a 100th post so instead I'm doing a post all about Claire. She's a whole lot cuter and more interesting than my C's (of course she's a "C" too, my favorite C- for Claire, get it? he he).

Claire is getting more and more personality lately and we love it. She's learning all these new things that make her seem more like a little girl rather than a baby.

She's getting into things and making messes...

She plays with her toys now like she knows what she's doing. I know this seems like such a silly and small thing to mention, but for us newbie parents every little accomplishment or new thing she learns is just amazing! I can't help but think wow, she's so smart! She learned how to put a ring on a post! he he :)

She hugs things she likes. Me, daddy, stuffed animals, her bottle, ect. I love when her little arm wraps around my neck and squeezes. It melts my heart. I so wish the first picture wasn't blurry. It's hard to get her to smile at the camera these days, I seriously have to jump around and act like a monkey to get her to smile, but then I'm rocking the camera a bit too much... :)

She's taking more and more steps as she tries to get from one place to another. And no matter how hard we try to slow her down by putting her in boxes, bags, and in her crib, she's still learning way too quickly. :)

We also spend time with friends occasionally. The other day we went on a bike ride, played in the sprinklers and ate popsicles. It was lots of fun. It's funny seeing her play and interact with other kids. She does get a little shy like her parents, but I know she's having fun. :)

Summer is here finally and she loves being outside. She points to the door a lot now letting me know she wants to go out. She points to everything and anything she wants. It's kinda funny. She's such a silly girl. We can't believe she'll be 1 year old in just a little over a month! whoa. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Splash Pad

If a picture is worth a thousand words... how about a dozen pictures? :)

We'll definitely be going back soon...wanna join us? :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

3... 0...

did you know that in thirty years a human being could walk around the entire earth... 42 times?! did you know that had i been wise enough to have saved one measly dollar every day for thirty years my entire college education would have been paid for? did you happen to know that had i hopped on a space shuttle thirty years ago, i would have been the first man to travel to the planet mars... and back... 10 times over? had i attempted to climb mount everest thirty years ago, i'd have been up and down that rock 1,560 times. thirty years ago, a light switch was flipped on. that light has since traveled 176,350,337,913,600 miles. wow. i'm so old!

to celebrate this scary milestone, amber treated me to a wonderful three day birthday celebration. saturday my niece was kind enough to watch our little claire while amber and i, along with my brother and sister, went golfing down in spanish fork. we definitely aren't ready for the pros quite yet, but we had a blast driving the cart around chasing after our golf balls, and we had enough good shots that we'll be back for more torture. that night amber and i got a pizza and watched a movie and had a nice relaxing evening.

i awoke on sunday to find amber and claire had put together a fun little happy birthday banner on the wall. it was so cute. after church, we spent most of the day opening presents. amber had 30 presents for me, so it actually took me most of the day to open them all. :) after presents, amber made the coolest cake ever, and we then headed down to my brother's for dinner, where all of my local family came to party.

on monday, amber surprised me by arranging for her mom to babysit claire while we went out to a movie. i love our little baby more than anything, but it sure is nice to get out and do stuff just me and amber sometimes. :) we ended the birthday festivities with bowling that night with friends, then more cake and ice cream at our place.

my wife spoils me way too much. i had a wonderful birthday celebration, which helped me keep my mind off the fact that i am now in my fourth decade of life. did you know that i am nearly one billion seconds old?! egad. :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Brother's Big Day

Earlier today we went to my youngest brother Daniel's graduation from Mountain View High School. I'm so happy for him and his accomplishment. I love him so much and we are all so excited for him!

Claire got a little restless and we had to take her outside for a bit but she was great through most of it! :)

I couldn't help but think of my own highschool graduation... 10 years ago! Wow! There are some funny similarities between Daniel and my highschools. I went to Mission Viejo and Daniel to Mountain View but we both share the name MVHS and the colors red and gold. :)

Love you Daniel! Thanks for letting us share this special day with you! Congratulations!