Thursday, April 28, 2011

a week of easter

this easter holiday has happily extended itself for much longer than the single day on the calendar would suggest. the festivities began the monday before as we spent the evening at mom and dad mcclellan's house for a wonderful dinner and an intense easter egg hunt. i would like to thank claire for writing such a fantastic blog chronicling the event - she is so talented at such a young age. :) since then the fun has only continued.

the rest of the week continued fairly uneventfully. on saturday i had my final tackle football game of the year. half of my team couldn't make it, which left me playing qb against a team of behemoths, behind a depleted o-line, with no subs, already sore from a brutal game the week before. i took quite a few hits. later that day, beaten and broken as i was, we were able to enjoy the company of some of our closest friends as we celebrated jake and katie's baby's first birthday. we had some pizza, ate some gluten-free cupcakes, and enjoyed good times with our circle of friends. i can't believe how fast these kids are growing!

the next day, after raiding our easter baskets of all their candy, we got dressed in our easter sunday best (my girls looked so beautiful in their matching outfits) and headed off to church for the last time. okay, that's a little misleading, but it sets up our next little story. we have been in this "married student ward" since we first got married two and a half years ago. it's been a good ward. we haven't made a whole lot of close friends (amber and i are just too darn shy sometimes), but we have come to know some really great people. but the church has decided to do away with a lot of the student wards in favor of more family wards. as with any change, we find ourselves both excited and nervous at the same time. we will definitely dearly miss those with whom we have come to know.

later that evening we headed over to my brother's house for easter dinner and some family time. we enjoyed a delicious ham dinner with corn and potatoes and the best rolls. mmmm. thank you so much ken and sherry. and thank you becca for an easter basket for claire - you're the best aunt. :) the next day we headed up to the lehi pool to enjoy some swimming and to hang out with our friends chance, sarah, and their little one. claire definitely enjoys her baths, and she had fun last time we went swimming, but she seemed to absolutely love it this time! she had a blast splashing everyone she could. i think our little girl is going to be a swimmer.

while that officially concludes "easter week" for us, we still have some other activities planned. we bought an easter egg dying kit the other day and plan on painting us some eggs here real soon. and we will be heading up to thanksgiving point soon to enjoy the tulip festival. we're pretty excited about that. and while all these fun activities and easter egg hunts and candy galore make the holiday a blast, we would be amiss to not mention the real reason behind the holiday - the resurrection of our savior Jesus Christ. very little in this life can equal the peace and comfort that comes from the knowledge that our family will be together forever thanks to the resurrection of our Lord. we know that death is not the end of the story, only the end of one chapter, with many more chapters to come. amber and i testify that Christ has risen from the tomb and broken the bands of death for us all. we echo the words of the prophet joseph smith:

"And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives!" (d&c 76:22)


  1. I love the pictures of Claire with the flowers in bloom on the tree. So precious!

  2. What a good looking family, Clair is so beautiful! Sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun!

  3. She is SOOOO grown up! and beautiful! Miss you guys...

  4. Amber is turning into such a little beauty! LOVE her giggling faces!