Saturday, February 25, 2017

18 Month facts for Seth

1. Little ones change so much the first couple years, I love remembering how they are at these different stages. So this blog is all about Seth now that he's 18 months old.

2. Seth is 25.8 pounds and is in the 72nd percentile for weight.

3. He is 32 and a half inches tall and in the 53rd percentile for height.

4. He's got 8 teeth, four on top and four on bottom.

5. Seth doesn't say very many words yet. He can say "no" pretty well. :) And he may say "mama" occasionally, but we're still not certain he knows what he's saying. He says "ba" for a few things like ball, bottle, and banana. He understands a lot, most everything we say to him, but he doesn't seem to be interested in talking much yet.

6. Scott got a calling as a nursery leader, so about a month before Seth turned 18 months, he was able to go to nursery early with him. He's been having fun playing with the toys and having daddy with him.

7. Seth is very active. He's climbing, crawling, walking, running, anything to get around. He also loves playing with balls and has a pretty decent arm. He can throw a ball pretty far for a toddler. :) I think he stresses me a little more than the other kids did with his attempts to climb things and his curiosity. He's the first kid I've had to call Poison Control for.

8. I'm still working on the sleep training thing with Seth. I've gotten lazy though, and he always ends up sleeping with us in our bed.

9. Seth loves hats. He loves to put things on his head, including bowls, tupperware, boxes, helmets, and anything he finds that fits. He's always getting into the lower kitchen cabinets and pulling out bowls and tupperware to play with. I'm constantly having to remember to rewash things before using them just in case Seth has gotten to it first. :)

10. Seth gives the absolute best hugs ever. He wraps his arms around our necks and gives us the cutest hugs that just make us melt. He's a very cuddly little toddler and we love him so much. Claire and Everett love trying to teach him new things and find so much joy in everything new he learns to do. :)

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