Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Activities

During the Christmas season we tried to do a few of our favorite things to create fun memories for our kids. Some have become traditions and some it depends on the year, but we had some fun times.

I experimented with some Christmas magical photos...

We went to the Riverwoods and enjoyed looking at lights, eating Bajio's, and visiting Santa...

We went to the festival of lights in Spanish Fork and drove through the display of Christmas lights. Kids were allowed to get out of their seats so they could see better and that might have been one of their favorite parts.

And we made graham cracker houses. Claire is getting a lot more meticulous with her decorating while Everett just wanted to throw the candy on his house so he could eat it. And Seth just wandered around the table grabbing candy wherever he could. :)

We had some fun times, one of the best parts being that daddy was able to join us this year. :) Claire also participated in a couple Christmas programs which will be our next blog.

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