Friday, December 25, 2015


Christmas Eve was a quiet one for us this year. Scott had to work, so the kids and I decided to make sugar cookies and decorate them. The kids enjoyed the activity and it kept us busy for the evening. We left a plate of the cookies and a cup of milk (which I put back in the fridge) for daddy or "Santa". Scott got home around 2am from work and got to work being Santa. He ate the cookies and put presents out before going to bed. :)

Christmas morning started early. Scott didn't get any sleep and we were both awake before kids so we were doing the "cough-cough" at their door, trying to wake them up. Once they woke up we brought them into our room first and we read the Christmas story with them and used our Little People nativity scene to act it out. Afterwards, we dug into our stockings, then went out to the front room and opened the rest of our presents. Claire wanted a pink shopping cart and had asked for one and so Everett, wanting to be just like her asked for a green shopping cart. We found this miniature shopping cart to put in his stocking, it was so cute. :)

After opening presents we had breakfast, put things together and Scott tried to get a couple hours of sleep before heading to work again. It wasn't the greatest Christmas, but it was still special.

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