Sunday, November 8, 2015

7 Years and Family Pictures

For our 7th wedding anniversary we dropped off the kids with family and went for a drive down memory lane. We couldn't do much, with it being Sunday, but we ended at the sports park in Spanish Fork. We had a little picnic and went for a walk on the path. It was so beautiful we decided we needed to come back the next weekend for family pictures. :)

Pictures went pretty well this year. We picked a pretty nice day, it wasn't freezing like last year. :) We brought along Bounce (Everett's monkey friend) and he was definitely the right prop to bring some smiles. I took pictures of Everett first and started with Claire before quickly realizing she needed to go potty. We ran over to the bathrooms only to find out they were already closed for the winter. Not wanting an accident in her clean, new clothes or wanting to cut our pictures short we talked her into peeing on a tree, out in nature style. She agreed and it was a success. No accidents, and we were able to finish pictures. It was pretty funny though. :) Sherry was able to come and take a few family pictures of all of us. I had tried to set up the camera on a tripod to take some of just Scott and I but it wasn't working too well, so I was grateful for the help. I love how they turned out this year! :)

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