Friday, July 24, 2015

Pioneer day

Since we never made it to see any fireworks earlier in the month for Independence Day we wanted to make sure we got out to see them for Pioneer Day. We didn't really have a plan, just to have some fun and see fireworks, but things turned out pretty well and we had a fun day. After nap time we headed down to Spanish Fork where they have booths and a carnival going. We walked around the booths, contemplated spending money on a carnival ride, but ended up playing at the nearby park for free. :) We went to Two Jacks (our favorite pizza place) for dinner and then tried to decide what else we could do to occupy our time until fireworks went off at 10pm...

While in the midst of trying to decide what to do, our single ward friends Katie and Jake invited us over to the park to play some games with them. So we headed over to Mapleton where the kids had fun playing in the volleyball court sand and on the playground and Scott played some volleyball while I watched from the sidelines. :) We decided to follow our friends and their family over to see the Mapleton fireworks which were really good. Everett and Claire were pretty excited when they saw the first fireworks that were just set off by the neighborhood. The city show was pretty neat and even started with a church hymn playing in the background. Everett fell asleep during the actual city show though. Funny. :)


  1. That was a fun evening! Glad you guys were around to hangout!

  2. That was a fun evening! Glad you guys were around to hangout!