Wednesday, August 20, 2014

nauvoo, part deux

welcome back! last we saw our heroes they were heading to bed after a wonderful nauvoo pageant. the next day was sunday so we were off to church in the morning. after sacrament meeting the entire family of 45 headed over to the temple for pictures. it's a good-looking group. :)

after pictures, we let claire and everett take a quick tour of the outside of the temple. claire was a little upset that she couldn't go inside, but all the pretty flowers on the temple grounds kept her satisfied. we spent the rest of the afternoon hanging around the campground socializing and playing games.

that evening we circled the tables around the campfire and had a big family talent show. there was some wonderful music, brilliant kids were put on display, cool things were made, and many other fantastic talents. the video may be a bit long, but there was just too many fun talents to leave out. after the talent show, we all enjoyed some yummy smores.

the next morning the kids all got their last chance to play together for a long while while the adults broke camp. we said our sad goodbyes as group after group left. right after lunch we said our final goodbyes and hit the road back to st. louis. we made it to denver for our stopover before finding out our last flight was delayed two hours. it made for a fun experience as we all sat around talking and playing in the airport. we finally got to salt lake at 2 am, my awesome brother picked us all up again, and we were finally back in our own beds at 3 am.

it's sad to think that it'll be so long before all of amber's family is together again. this was a big one. family came from all over the world for this one. it really was special. and while amber and i have come to the conclusion that camping is not for us (we hate bugs! - see amber's poor leg in the last picture), it was worth it to make some great memories with those whom we love so dearly. 

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