Sunday, December 15, 2013

thanksgiving and things...

i've always been really opposed to doing anything Christmasy before thanksgiving has come and gone. thanksgiving is a pretty darn good holiday that deserves some respect. it's almost the perfect holiday because it features a trifecta of joy: family, food, and of course, football. but this year thanksgiving came so late in the month, and we had a cute little girl who was so excited to put up a Christmas tree, so we broke down and put up our tree for family home evening just before thanksgiving.

thanksgiving was a little rough for our family this year. i had to work the night before and the night of the holiday, so i was pretty tired and out of it for most of the day. after i got off work, i headed home to pick up amber and the kids, and then we headed down to spanish fork to spend most of the day with my brother's family. from there, me and my brothers ken and dan headed over to the fields to play some football with some of my friends. after a few hours of painfully being reminded how old i am, we headed back to the house to clean up before i tried to lay down for a nap. amber meanwhile was putting up with a cranky little boy who needed a nap but has never been able to nap anywhere other than his crib and the car. we ate a fabulous dinner, but then had to head home before dessert because everett and his daddy both needed naps.

in spite of the crankiness of daddy and son brought on by sleep deprivation, we did have a lot of fun. we definitely do love our family, eating good food, and i do love my football. we made sure to go buy an apple pie the next day so we could move on to the next holiday because i'm pretty sure it's written in the constitution somewhere that thanksgiving is not officially over until pie has been partaken of. article thirty-one or something. :) well unfortunately, the thanksgiving holiday must have taken it's toll on poor little claire because she spent the next week so sick. it really broke our hearts having to hold her hair back as she threw up every day for a week. it was the worse sickness she's ever had. and it just seemed to go on forever. luckily she is her happy little self again and hopefully we're done with the sick bugs around here for a long time. now we can just enjoy Christmas. :)

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