Monday, October 28, 2013

memory made

so i love to golf. i'm not any good at it, but i just love getting out into some beautiful scenery and hitting some balls around (plus driving around in a golf cart is a blast - it's like a go-kart with no track). it's just too expensive of a game for me to ever get any real practice in, plus i've never been good at anything that requires consistency and muscle-memory. so a good day of golf for me is a day where i end the day with the same golf ball i started with (that's why you'll notice the orange ball in picture -  helps me not lose it). occasionally (very rarely) i hit a shot worth bragging about. so the other day i'm golfing with my brother and sister at the eastbay golf course. i tee up on a par 3 and hit one of those very rare shots for me that went straight down the middle. it was a thing of beauty. landed less than two feet away. a short tap in and i walk away with my first birdie ever. i know... i'm awesome. :)

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